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State New York
City New York
Phone 646 205 6657

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  • Jul 23, 2015

I received a phone call from an Asian heavy accent lady name Kim stating that I needed to call her back as was extremely important and consider being put in jail that was on July 21st 2015 On July 22nd 2015 I called the number that was given to me which was 646 205 6657 I called and got a gentleman with a very heavy accent telling me that I was going to get s affidavit in the mail that they were filing in the morning and I had to appear in court because of three offensive I told him I never heard of what was going on I have no idea what he was talking about then he states that he will read the other day to me and not to answer any questions till the end It came down to the three fences were violation of bank regulations check fraud and intentionally doing this I've been listen to the upstairs and at the end I asked him several questions like what bank was this that I was wired to and he read it off very fast can understand them then I asked when this happen and you refuse to tell but he didn't for me that I was employed by a company that I never work out about a year and a half ago I've been retired since 2000 I've not work and 15 years I explain that to him he still is using me of this I'm trying to get information out of him he ended the call I call back and get another man who has a heavy accent I stated that I had called earlier and I needed this information he was very rude same as the other ones I asked him for the name of who filing these complaints he said it was the USCS I asked him what that was and he would not tell me he kisses me again very rudely that I was a criminal and I did a wire transfer fraud I'm explained to him that this is identity theft because I don't think of that bank they have the wrong address I never heard of this transfer to begin with he rudely and for me I get my papers soon because he was filing the affidavit tomorrow but I should be ready to get a court appointed attorney or an attorney because this is a serious matter Then he rudely an extremely hostile told me that that i have to prove this on front of a judge snd get a lawyer or a court appointed lawyer to prove my innocent have all your my paperwork to justify that I did not have this bank at that time and I do not work at this corporation at this time and it show my bank accounts that says I didn't receive this money and that I better get a lawyer because you're going to need it and i said that I will be suing them because of for falsely accusing me and for my time in trouble they have caused me for all the worrying and suffering because they have done to me and his office for threaten me and I told him at he had the wrong person and they're threatening me he didn't like that and hung up on me After reading some of your postings on this site I was alarmed at first but not anymore I want to thank you guys for having this done because I got information that was very valuable to me because I was literally threat scared I'd have to get a a lawyer to figure this out and with jail but I understand better now that it is a scam and threaten to get money out of me that I never did I think you very much I appreciate your website and I hope this doesn't happen to anybody else

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