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  • Jan 22, 2015

I went to to sell my old iPhone 5 16GB Black AT&T phone. Gazelle came back with $113.40 from The rate is supposed to be guaranteed as long as you do it within the time frame they give you, which I did.

There were three options for condition: Excellent, Good, and Damaged. Excellent meant "like new". Good was normal wear and tear, but powers on and no cracks to screen or case. Damaged was described as does not power on, or is cracked. I selected Good: It powered on and was not cracked, no scratches on screen, etc.

Evidently Gazelle sets you up with uSell, then uSell sets you up with another buyer: Second Hand Cellular. They send you a shipping kit in the mail for free with bubble wrap, etc.

They receive the phone and tell me they've revised their offer to $72 because the phone is damaged. It is cracked, they say. Well, I know this was bulls* so I tell them to send it back. There's no way it was damaged in shipping, it had good padding - unless the mailman got in a wreck or something. I'm waiting to hear from them regarding that whole return process. Something tells me the returns don't work as smoothly but we'll see.

Here's what I think the scam is: The whole process takes 2 or 3 weeks depending on speed of mail. By the time they come back to you, if the price of the phone has dropped, they go back on their guarantee. I checked Gazelle again and a phone with the same "good" description is only worth $65 now, just 2 or 3 weeks later. The highest I could find on a different website was $100. I think that despite the "guarantee" price, they drop it to a new price thats just above the new going rate on their sites. They only offer you two options: "Accept" or "Return My Phone." They don't allow you to challenge their condition assessment. So, you're left going back to Gazelle or uSell, seeing that the rate is dropped and their offer is still higher, and they hope you've fallen for their initial "guarantee": the classic bait and switch. I worry that all these companies do the same thing, but I signed up for the $100 offer on a different site. We'll see what happens there.

  • Nov 20, 2014

October 7 2014 I agreed to sell my onld iPhone in exchange for cash. I completed everything as directed and received a check. The chaek was deposited. My bank contacted me to informme that the check was no good and I would be charged $20.00 in fees. I imediatly contacte the companies involved and received the following;

Lindsey Young (Guzu)

Nov 14 15:05

Hey Neal,

This was a discrepancy on the banks side and for this we apologize. I can have a certified check sent in the amount of $75 to cover the original check plus the $20 in fees you were sent. I can have this sent first thing Monday morning with tracking to ensure speedy delivery!


Lindsey Young

Customer Service



Sonya (uSell)

Nov 18 09:52

Hi Neal,

I'm sorry to hear that you you encountered an issue with your check. I understand this can be frustrating, so thanks for letting us know.

As your customer advocate, I have immediately reached out to your buyer Guzu on your behalf so they can address this. I will be in touch with you as soon as I hear back. Thank you for your patience!



Customer Advocate

Now neither of them return email or phone calls. This is a scam to get users to "recycle" their electrinic devices in exchange for cash.

  • Sep 27, 2014

Just a plain ripoff haven't received my money

  • Aug 5, 2014

I was looking in the internet to sell my iphone 5c, and i found one i send my iphone 5c to the addrees they provide me and they suppost to send me $200.00 dollars. in two weeks .. and is about a months and i do not see nothing from that company..

Rafael, Lebanon pa

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