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  • Sep 13, 2014

I applies for a loan through said company. I was told to purchase greendot moneypak cards for a bank to bank ttransfer and for insurance fees to solidify the loan. After I did the comoany continued to asked me to purchase these cards to pay for additional fees. Needless to say, I never received my loan nor the money I put I these cards. However, I did record each conversation that transpired between myself and these people.

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  • Jul 16, 2015

Receive notification by a phone call from a unknown number male stated that he is with U Cash.Com and was checking if I needed a loan I then gave him my personal information then was referred to Mike Davis with my loan confirmation # 85941. then was told that a credit check is needed and that he would call back he called back and said that I need to deposit 225 dollars to his company for insurance on the loan I then told him no but realize that they have my personal information and bank account information very concerned about this whole matter.U Star is committing a scam on innocent people and needs to be stopped.

  • Jun 5, 2015

The co. called me and caught me when I had just gotten off my nightshift. I was very tired. I agreed to listen to their pitch. I had just been told that my tires all needed to be replaced and that worried me, then their call came in.

Now that I think back, I know I was in a vulnerable state of mind. They offered me a loan of $ 2,0000.00 (2 thousand dollars) which would be paid back at a payment of $ 180.00 monthly for 1 year. They spoke fast and I was getting confused but happy to hear they would ok the loan.

I was then connected to the manager Sabrina Wilson. She stated I had a low credit score so I would have to pay an insurance on the loan. This was a seperate Co., whom Im sure wasnt even legitimate. I had to western union the amount of $215.00 for the insurance cost and then would receive the $2,000.00 to be loaded onto my green dot visa after the party received the western union payment.

That all transpired by 7:00p.m. that eve. so the next day Sabrina Wilson called and stated Green Dot Visa bank was going to be calling me and when they do they just want to reconfirm a few things and then they would post /load the visa card with the $ 2,000.00. Sabrina stated I needed to answer the bank with certain answers. When the bank calls you are the tell them that this loan is from a friend otherwise they will charge you $400.00.

The bank called asked me where I was getting the loan from, and I stated a friend. He told me to hold the line and when he returned he stated that I was lying because he called that number and it answered as a loan co. Stated I was going to penalized for lying and that would cost 400.00 I told him I was going to the police, and he hung up.

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