Country United States
State Cambodia
Address 909 CHESTNUT ST. - ROOM 23-H-06
Phone 3142358168
Website uverse.com/

Uverse.com Reviews

  • Jul 2, 2014

Being a long term customer of ATT I had a locked in 5 dollar per month discount for being a customer for over 10 years. We had some internet outages one week(2-6 hour stretches 3 times that we noticed) and called ATT Uverse to see the problem. They wanted to send techs out at my expense until they found out it was on their end. The customer service employee said to make up for the outage they will give us a month free of higher tier internet speeds, from 3mbps up to 6mbps. This worked fine and it reverted at the end of the month but they will no longer honor my 10 year rebate, claiming we had opted out. They used this as an excuse to charge 60 dollars from me per year for absolutly nothing in return. Baited with the complimentary and then switched what my billing status would be afterwards without any warning. They said I would be reverted to my original plan after the month, I am still not on my original plan so they lied. If I had known I would have simply declined the temporary upgrade.

I tried to fix the problem with them many times, until they decided to say that my account has no record of a loyalty program. I have bills that say I did, apparently they don't keep records or are lying again. It's a good idea to record all your phone calls with these liars.

I know it's not a ton of money and it's not mandatory they give me a loyalty rebate, but the situation stinks of ripoff.

I will also add they did a very poor job of running ethernet, they just drill a hole in your wall and slip a cable through. This leads to waterproofing problems, insect vulnerability, as well as poor insulation. The box nodes they use on the inner wall is literally adhesived to the paint and all of them have fallen off, taking patches of paint with them and exposing wires. If they had not fallen off I would have never known about the gaping holes in the wall. It's quite literally an install with double sided tape.

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