Uzair and Rubina Siddiqui

Country United States
State East Timor
City Clifton
Address 7501 Evans Ford Road
Phone 703-203-4728

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  • Jun 13, 2015

My daughter and a friend, both single mothers with two kids each, are renting a house from these people. When they moved in, they were told that the basement had had a mold problem but that it had been fixed. My daughter has since discovered that the mold has returned and is growing rampant in the basement. She and her roomate wrote a letter to the landlord asking for it to be fixed and he is ignoring their requests. We are looking into legal options for getting out of the lease as it is unsafe for them to remain in this house. My grandson has asthma and the mold has caused him respiratory problems. The roommate's son has been taken to the ER twice with a severe allergic reaction to the mold. These people need to be stopped!

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  • Dec 16, 2014

I invested in a pre-purchase occupancy agreement which failed miserably after putting down over $10,000.00 towards the purchase of what was later determined to be a condemned home. I have been going back and forth to court and had to invest additional monies which the sellers attempted to sway a judge into thinking it was for back rent due on an unlicensed property. All money out of pocket for the expenses of renting alone is over a cumulative $23,000.00 without mention of utilities, upkeep and overall maintenance. On top of this I had to relocate my family to a hotel due to the rapidly declining condition of the home.

Furthermore, It has been very expensive for my family to maintain while initially keeping the utility costs associated with vacating the Siddiqui home and residing in a hotel through the end of September. My average daily costs per night is $75.00 + eating expenses for myself and 3 children of $60 per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In addition, I am still financially tied to the home having recently to moved into an apartment due to my inability to close timely on this failed purchase.

Note the following reasons to specificity listed below which required me to mitigate and abandon the 7104 Columbia Park Rd property in addition to the aforementioned issues:

1) Driven out by rat infestation and despite my investment into a 6 months Orkin contract the issue could not be abated nor controlled.

a) Orkin Technician advised family on August 30th to vacate property immediately as there was nothing more he could recommend for reasons listed below:

i) Orkin Tech declared rats moved up to higher levels within the home to escape water leaving home unsafe to coexist with rodents that are substantially large in size (averaging of 3 pounds each).

ii) Orkin Tech offered to attest to conditions of property and extensive damage done from rodent infestation.

iii) Rat droppings and traps were significant enough to create further health issues for all members of family.

2) Living with 4 1/2 feet of water and sewage backed up in basement of home, post water main repair from Water and Sanitation Commission at the end of July.

a) Mold and mildew festering in home to the point of poor air quality.

b) Family becoming very ill with skin sensitivity issues and rashes.

c) Issues with neurological tremors, migraines and shakes from breathing stagnant air and mold.

3) Substantial costs associated with increased utilities from lack of repair by Rubina and Uzair Siddiqui.

a) Numerous attempts to remedy costs associated with faulty heating unit to having an unlicensed HVAC technician come in and install a replacement unit that worked improperly and is now under water due to sewage backup.

b) Electric utility reports from company that clearly stated usage of home far exceeded that of neighbors and average energy efficient property due to finding out home still laden with original wiring from 1947.

c) Water utility costs per water company was waived for 2 billing cycles after expensive costs average $300+ per single cycle when evaluated with a report returned from the months of 3/2013-8/2013 with over 1 million gallons used!

i) Sewage backup has black mold growth and water damage not only to home but also to personal property.

d) Gas utility costs per Gas company shows an average of $800 per month from 11/2012-1/2013 with findings during home inspection of numerous openings throughout the property displaying leaks. Orkin rep says from rats nest in the back yard and in the basement of home.

4) AND the biggest one of all, the county via a court order declared this home "UNFIT FOR HUMAN HABITATION" as a result of its poor structural and environmental conditions.

Understand that my family and I could no longer stay at this home due to above noted issues which has created severe health concerns. I do not wish to return and after a number of court proceedings, winning the initial round of my case with the Siddiqui's dismissed; they've decided to appeal. I even attempted to claim my personal affects per our testimony in court and the offenders denied me access to the property and my items still remain. Everything from my children's birth through August and whatever may not be destroyed from the contamination is minimally worth saving.

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