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  • Jul 3, 2014

We vacationed at Mayan Palace in Mexico, and were accosted from minute one by the time share team. They badgered us for 3 days before we finally relented and agreed to their "90 minute" presentation.

6 hours into the presentation, we were told all kinds of lies about how they would buy our existing time share, rent out weeks in our new time share that we didn't use (paying us handsomely for the time) and could effectively get us the "deal of a lifetime" on their resort.

Against our better judgement (after 6 hours, you really don't have much judgement left), we agreed to their offer after being verbally reassured many times that we would be able to get out of the contract "easily" if we changed our minds, and how they would be sure that we got as much or more than we paid for our existing time share.

Once we got home, after having time to think about what we had done, we decided that we would not like to pursue this, and would cancel the contract. That's when the fun started. None of the phone numbers they provided us with worked. We tried for several days at varying times during the day, and could never get anything but a weird busy signal.

So, we wrote an e-mail urgently requesting a call so that we could cancel the contract. Conveniently, 8 days had passed since we signed the contract, and their clause for cancellation says you only have 5 days. Of course weekends count (!), so we were called and told that we had no choice and they were keeping our deposit ($4500).

Since that call, they have sent us numerous invoices for the $14,000 balance that we "owe" them. I have tried everything to get them to do the right thing and cancel this contract and return our deposit, but they are not interested in customer service, only in money.

This organization is slick and relentless. They prey on people on vacation when their defenses are down, promise them everything, and deliver nothing. We have learned a very valuable lesson - once you refuse to listen to a time share pitch, don't let repeated badgering change your mind. You will regret it.

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