Vikash Bisnajak

Country United States
Phone 011.597.868.4382

Vikash Bisnajak Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2014

Vikash Bisnajak is a ripoff. he is from Paramaribo suriname and uses false information,to ripoff small businesses in need of finances. Vikash poses as a multi million dollar company that is located all over the world and provides finances to businesses in need. He then tells the company needs to send him money to come visit your company. He then comes to you invades your home because he has no money to pay for his own expenses and then tells you that his money is tied up in the bank because they need to verify that your company is real. He then provides you with false documents from the bank. All while u are paying for his expenses. When u begin to ask to many questions he then tells u he has to leave for a meeting n takes off only for u to never see him (or your money) again. He has done this to multiple people in Trinidad and Tobago. He has also took money for a down payment for a truck from a trustworthy family in trinidad and over 2 years later the family cannot see a truck or get their money back.

The family has gone to multiple police but seeing as he does not live in Trinidad their is little that can be done. His family contacts are.

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