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  • Oct 30, 2014

I was taken advantage of by Vin Speenia's debt settlement company. Get Out Of Debt Now. On August 29th 2014, I recieved a mailer that looked as if it were government documents. There was no company name on the mailer, just majority of my personal info, my estimated debt amount (how did they get this?), and a phone number for me to call to recieve my "benefits"? I called and was taken through an application process that consisted of me devulging more personal info that I would rather not admit to on this post. They are very skilled sales people and they made me feel comfortable on the phone.Plus they stated that they could negotiate directly with my creditors and I would only have to pay back 50% of my debt. Lies ..Lies ALL Lies!! They entered me into a program and took 600$ up front for application fee and then have been taking a payment for 3 months and nothing has been done at all. When I call I get the run around. My last call I was told by Alan Green that Vin Speenia has no relation to the company, but then I spoke to a Pat H. ( I cant remember his whole last name) and he said Mr. Speenia would be calling me back within the hour!!??

Outlandish lies, deception, and theft!! Beware of Vin Speenia...Alan Green...and whoever this Pat H is. THIEVES!!

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