Vinny's Complete Auto Repair

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Upper Darby
Address 6950 Marshall Rd
Phone 610-259-2981

Vinny's Complete Auto Repair Reviews

  • Jul 20, 2015

Paid to have my car towed for new altenator. just got new battery installed week before, when i got my car back, it shut off in traffic the next day. had to have towed to my house, and was told by triple a mechanic, that the altenator was replaced with broken belt.

Also, the temperature gauge keeps going up past hot, which never happened before, car never over-heated!! so now, i'm out 265.00, and on a fixed income, that's like a million bucks to me. There are more complaints on Yelp, regarding the practices of this place. I also asked for a manufacturers' warranty, no reply.

please help, as i cannot afford to have same repairs done over

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