VinsTrading GmbH

Country United States
State Alaska

VinsTrading GmbH Reviews

  • May 14, 2015

This purpose of this posting is to serve as a warning for any firms or indivuals considering doing business with VinsTrading GmbH, represented by a Mr. Michail Djarraya with known associates of Predrag Vujisic and Ronald Gregory. The listed entitys will represent themselves as having the financial capacity to fund large instruments/projects and/or enter into large import/export transactions. They have also been known to claim to ownership of a non-profit organization in Hong Kong.

The above entitys have absolutely no money of their own, no do they even possess basic banking details required to complete transactions. They will supply other accounts stating that they are "partnered" with that firm. The firms they "partner" with have no knowledge of these supposed "partnerships". Its a completely fraudulent scheme, cooked up by internet brokers with no knowledge of the real world.

All parties are subject to formal compliants that have been filed to State and Federal authories in the United States.

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