Vintage Leather Shop

Country United States
State Bermuda
City Bloomington
Address 4240 N. Old State Road 37
Phone 8123314050

Vintage Leather Shop Reviews

  • May 15, 2014

I called this business in hopes of having 2 softball mitts repaired that my expecting dog got ahold of and chewed. Instead of discussing the condition of the mitt he proceeded to tell me how I'd do better to get a handle on my unruly dog! True, but not the point of the call nor any of his business.

I begin explaining the damage and he cuts me off to say he'll ""look at it"" - but be warned that he only does top notch work and no ""patch jobs"". Okay, so I ask to bring it by after work around 4:45 but maybe a bit later because the main exit is closed so could take a few minutes longer.

His response was first, if it is one minute after 5:00 he won't even speak to me so I shouldn't bother to even exit my vehicle. Okay. Then he asks why the exit is closed. When I respond that it is related to the new I-69 construction he blew up on me! Began cursing, dropping the F-bomb left and right (to me, a total stranger on the line) on how they need to just take out all the *bleeping* lights and leave the highway alone!

I then steer him back onto the topic of my mitts, he again reiterated he isn't cheap and charges $60 to just restring a mitt. I told him I could replace the mitt for a new one for $60, at which time he tells me ""We're done here""! and hangs up on me.

Rude, rude man that apparently doesn't get out much or he'd know his own road is closed and under construction. He has ZERO people skills to be operating a business where the customers are who puts food on his table. I took the mitts to a local shoe repair shop and am having both repaired for a total of $48.

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