Country United States
State Illinois
City Oak Park
Phone (708) 524-2969
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  • Apr 25, 2015

The terrible repair standards, tenant relations and the general lack of ethics of Homespace Properties will leave a rational person wondering what did I get myslef into?

Ralph and Jody Gerbie are the worst landlords and building owners I have ever come into contact with. There have been so many incidents of unannounced visits and they just barge into an apartment because they have keys and feel like it... or sending in "maintenance" people unannounced. Although the buildings are in horrible conditions with old & poor plumbing, and everything is fixed just well enough to barely get by- so I get why there would need to be constant maintenace, but being notified instead of men walking in on you in the shower is expected. I cannot count how many times I've walked into my apartment to find random men inside doing God only knows what- not cool, not safe. I even had to file police complaint.

The buildings appear cute and "vintage" upon first glance, and their website boasts all kinds of things like (totally fake!) testimonials, raves about high property standards and professional mainentance, secured buildings... all of this is false. The buildings are falling apart and poorly maintained- if there is a problem, good luck getting it fixed. Sewage backup in your dishwasher, sinks and bathtubs? FUN stuff. Don't take my word for it, do a search online for them and you'll find multiple reviews quite similar stretching several years that refer to them as "slumlords, slumlords of oak park, predatory lenders, too good to be true scam landlords, worst landlords ever, etc."

Rodent infestations? Code Violations? Call the Village of Oak Park, numerous tennants have made complaints in order to have Homespace Properties cited and FORCED to bring in professionals. Oh, and good luck getting your security deposit back- hope you have a good lawyer. There has been ZERO snow removal, and the yards are muddy messes without grass or upkeep.

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