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VIP Sports Las Vegas Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2014

The show these guys have on MSNBC is a joke. They claim to beable to pick winning sports games and make there clients very wealthy. There money is not made by picking winners its made by extorting money from people by convincing them they should put up thousands of dollars to be included in there exclusive group of clients. They dont tell you that after you sign up you now have to send money to open a overseas account and send to some random person in another country. Once they get you hooked by charging your credit card for a 2 week consulting period they start giving you the worst picks out there because keep in mind you have already paid them. Within 3 days of a 2 week consulting period they will start calling you and get very agressive on the phone and ask if your scared or affraid to make real money so you should now sign up for a month for another 2-4 thousand dollars. The company is as underhanded and shady as they come. They could pick a winner if there lived depended on it. They give you this song and dance that AKA Steve Stevens or his real name Daron Notaro is some how so connected and has political ties and knows what the out come of every sports game will be BULL S***! And dont forget about the uneducated FAT A** SKIP he thinks he can run his mouthand try and intimidate the client the only thing intimidating is the size of his waist and the fact hes 53% body fat. The real consultants in Vegas dont even know who the hell this guy is. The show needs to come off the air they screwing people left and right because they are on TV. More then likely not paying taxes on all that cash either.

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