Viral Events

Country United States
State American Samoa
Phone (801) 810-2905

Viral Events Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2014

The company Viral events who is in charge of the Run or Dye race is a joke. The changed the Portland event with no notice. There was no way to contact them. If you call it goes directly to a message that says to contact them online by online chat or to email them. The email address they give after trying to email comes back undeliverable, the online chat has always been unavailable even during the hours they state it is available. We have run in many events with great customer service and very organized. This has been the WORST event we have ever signed up for. I am taking my kids and I am very nervous that the actual event will be nothing like they describe. Crossing my fingers that there will even be an event tomorrow! save yourself time and money find other races do not use any of Viral events races.

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