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State California
City Capistrano Beach
Address 35641 Beach Road
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  • May 1, 2015

We came from the winter to enjoy the warm weather and being outdoor and here where our first shock was.

The pool was extremely dirty.

The pool light didn't work (after complaining, it was fixed, on our LAST day at the “villa”).

The whole patio area was dirty; cigarette butts on the patio floor, furniture wasn't even cleaned after previous guests.

All the patio furniture was dirty, broken and uncared for. Further, it couldn't even accommodate 3 guests though the description says sleeps 10.

The house is extremely neglected. It looked like it has never been properly cleaned. Dirt, spilled stains and hair balls were everywhere in all corners of the kitchen. All kitchen cabinets were greasy and full of leaks and dirt. We couldn't even use any pots or pans, they were old, rusty and worn off.

All the sheets on the beds were disgusting, really old and again worn off. I regretted I didn't bring mine.

That was our first vacation in Florida when we couldn't wait to go back home.

I left with a feeling of being ripped off instead of being served.

What was even more sad about it, is that after we called the owner on the first day to complain, the next morning two people came from the management company to clean the pool and the house. We had to point our fingers on every single dirty spot and even after that, all the dirt, spilled spots, hair balls and etc. were still there. They weren't even capable of seeing that nor did they care at all.

I have only one comment for this owner based on my experience and after reading other feedbacks and replies form the owner - You are in wrong business Mary!

And no, I'm not writing this review to get a free rental from her as it was stated in one of the owner's replies to a negative review. Honestly, I don't want this or any other villas from this owner, even for FREE. Never again.

We took all the pictures on our first morning of this “Luxury, Dream Vacation” place.

See it here:

  • Sep 2, 2014

Please be careful when you book this property as the owner and the property manager will misrepresent all the amenities that the villa has to offer. The pictures are very deceiving and do not show the true location of this villa. The villa is situated in an isolated, unsafe and undeveloped area with zero access to an internet or a phone. In the event of any emergency you will not be able to communicate with the rest of the world as the closes major road is about 1 km away. The owner is very dishonest and does not disclose in the property description that the AC is not fully functional and with over 100 degrees weather you will have to wake up at night and turn on the AC every hour in order to keep the villa cool. There is a big sign under each AC unit explaining that the AC will turn off automatically after an hour to preserve electricity and safe money. (For the owner). We traveled from US and arrived at the property on June 3rd. The taxi driver who was arranged by the owner (Robert Parkes) picked us up and took us to the villa. (Cost $200) The cab driver was substituting the property manager and had the keys to the villa. He asked us if we intent to use both levels of the villa as he had a girlfriend in town and he wanted to use the second level. This was extremely suspicious that taxi driver/property manager wanted to use the villa for personal leisure. As we arrived we were greeted at the door by an older woman trying to mop the tile floors. The property was not clean and the surroundings were unsafe. We felt like we were in an abandon area as there was nothing around but half-built villas with constructions workers, weeds and trash from the construction project. The bed sheets were also not clean and had major stains on them. There were no towels in the closet, no additional bed sheets, no electricity in the downstairs bathroom. The pool was exactly as it appears on the pictures but had bunch of leaves in there as it was not maintained. There are no grocery stores, no restaurant not even a convenience store within walking distance as it was advertised on the property description. We had the villa reserved for 2 weeks but after seeing the real condition of the property we couldn't even stay there for 2 hours. We immediately left the villa and checked in to a hotel in Antalya which is about 1 hour away via taxi from the villa. Please be aware that the owner refused to communicate after we reported these issues. He is a scam.

  • Aug 13, 2014

We booked this rental property nearly 7 months in advance. Spoke to the owner over the phone to verify the rental dates and times, and we paid up front in full! When we arrived the owner had put us in a less attractive & smaller size unit. Claiming that he had two houses and that there must have been some mistake. He did offer us a partial fitting to a CROOK! He would refund $500 if we left immediately and give us a Free week next year at the original house we booked! What a joke, my family and i are stranded, spending over $3,000 to fly there alone, we have 2 newborn twins and a 5 year old and he says go now and come back next year. The owner Paul Arranaga is a complete Scam Artist! We had no choice, come to find out it was his own home, where he lives! So there was dirty clothes, a lot of weird erotic candles, and little to no utensils. Not to mention the place was 3 bedrooms not 4, so when my brother arrived with his wife, i had to rent them a hotel room which cost me an additional $3,000 for the week because we didn't get the place we booked and paid for in advance. Paul has refunded us nothing for his mistake, provided no compensation, and feels he did nothing wrong. We are filing a lawsuit against Paul Arranaga in the amount of $21,354 the total we lost during the trip. DO NOT RENT OR DO BUSINESS WITH THIS OWNER, YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY!!!

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