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VueScan Hamrick Software Reviews

  • Apr 2, 2015

After purchasing Scanning software from VueScan both Basic and Pro. The software would not scan with out printing VueScan all over what ever it is that I scaned. I reloaded it three times, but the watermarks continued to be on what ever I scanned. I informed the company Ed Hamrick and he gave me a fix that didn't work at all. The company apparently does not have a Tech, Staff. So I guess this guy does it all by himself. So I asked him for a refund on the product and he said Sorry all sales are final. The man is extremely rude and really dosnt care if it works or not.

When one makes a purchase, no matter where it is, and that item does not perform or even work at all, a refund is the normal sulution. I explained again that I purchased his product and the scans had water marks all over my mothers face. The scans were the same after the purchase as they were for the test.I explained that I did what he said to do, I immediately saw a red flag marked Scam. So far absolutely nothing positive had happened at all. It was indeed obvious that I was out the money and I had software that didn’t work at all. I make purchases on line all the time, and I have never been treated like this ever.I am a regular customer of Amazon, Topaz, Adobe, Apple, E bay, Canon and many others and none have treated me the way Vuescan has. The scans were being done for a slide show, to be viewed at my Mothers funeral. After reading the VueScan ads on the net, I trusted what it said, I thought it would be better software than what came with the scanner, I was wrong. I did the scans, with other software gave copies of the slide show to all the members of the family. All done with no help from vuescan. I am out the money and I have a program that prints VueScan all over everything.

I explained that all I wanted was a refund, once again I got a message all sales are final. He sent me the fix again

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