VW Credit, Inc.

Country United States
State Washington
City Bremerton
Address 5008 Auto Center Blvd # 4670
Phone (360) 707-4025
Website http://www.vw.com/

VW Credit, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 12, 2015

I leased my car from Daytona VW through Volkswagen credit in April of 2012. On the contract, there was a $350 "lease disposition fee" that I asked my dealer, Tom about. He said "don't worry, you'll never have to pay it. Nobody does." I was dumb enough to believe him.

When we turned in our lease, everything went smooth. They accepted the car without trouble. Being responsible, I double-checked our VW credit online account to make sure there was no remaining fees. It reads (to this day)

Balance Remaining: $0

Payments Remaining: 0

Account Status: Account Closed

Then, nearly 2 months later I get a letter in the mail stating I owe $446 with a "notice to debtors in bankrupty" as the only bold item on the letter. We NEVER got a bill, dealer never told us, and our online bill is $0.

Upon calling the 800 number on the letter , I'm told that her "department doesn't handle this" and transfers me to the "recovery department.

A new gentelman explains to me about the $350 "lease disposition fee" balance, along with another $96.92 for a missing key (both keys were hooked together safely when the car was turned in in perfect condition). He instructs me that (in their kindness?) they have waived the missing $97 key fee, which is kind since I turned all keys in! That said, I'm still on the hook $350 for the lease fee, because even though:

My dealer told me I wouldn't be responsible for it

I never got a bill for it

my online statement says balance $0, account "Closed," payments remaining: 0

I still owe it, because it was in the original small print.

Honestly I was looking at another Gulf for myself, and mentioned this to the rep. He told me they would waive the fee if I purchased the Gulf in the next month. I would, but there is just no way I could ever give VW business again! Sale is off, too bad they are nice cars.

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