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  • Dec 8, 2014

I am filing this report to express my personal experience with Vydia.com and in no way to accuse or defame Vydia or their services. I have actually been threatend with a lawsuit by the owner of Vydia, Inc (Roy LaManna of Freehold, New Jersey) for simply for wanting to share my opinion with you all. Regardless if they end up spending $1000's of dollars and years and years of effort to sue a dead-broke musician who just wanted to spread peae and music, or not, I still find it in my legal and moral right to express my opinion. Regardless of what them suing me would say about the type of people running this brand-new company is up to you as the reader to form an opinion on. I personally am not a fan of censorship, threats, or dictatorship of one's actions. In this day of age, all customers should have the opportunity to respectfully express their opinion, good or bad, of a service. I am not here to speak badly on the founders as people or even the company. I received decent customer service and full delivery of what I paid for. I am here to simply express my opinion of my experience, as I couldn't find any reviews of this website or service anywhere on the internet.

This review will only be based on my personal experience with www.vydia.com

The premise of using their services appears to be that they have special relationships with these networks they submit to, but I haven't seen any evidence of that. I feel that I could have done everything they did and saved myself $2000 and have achieved very similar results or better. (Mathematically speaking, there wasn't too much room to acheive worse results than what we got through Vydia).We paid almost $2000 to submit to most of the networks and were led to believe that our video quality was very good so that it likely would get accepted by several signifant networks. We ended up getting accepted by a whopping TWO!!! That's over a 90% failure rate :(

We worked very hard to raise the funds from our brand new fanbase who made donation after donation of their hard-earned money. One person even gave $700 while most of the other donation amounts was based on what they can afford (in most cases, $10-$50).

If anything, I feel guilty that we didn't use the money we raised in the best way that we could have. I expressed to Vydia that we are putting all of our budget with them, so they knew the importance of our decision and seemed pretty confident that they can deliver. I was excited about the network we did get accepted to, because if it wasn't for that, I would have had to report to all of our fans that we completely wasted their money on nothing. While they technically did do what they said they would do for the money, I personally feel it was over priced and definitely don't feel that I got $2000 worth of value. Perhaps other people will have a different experience.

A few notes:

*Based on public information, Roy LaManna of Freehold, New Jersey seems to be the founder of both Vydia, inc ( www.vydia.com )and www.MusicVideoSubmissions.com

*It also says we should expect a response within 10 days, and it ended up taking almost 3 times longer in some cases.

* The "vevo" feature is NOT being featured on Vevo's channel, but rather them creating a brand new Youtube channel named: "artistnameVevo" . This is hilarious. ANYBODY can create a channel like this! I found that very misleading and didn't find any benefit from it.

*After I paid the $2000, I emailed them and didn't hear back from them in many days. But they were much more quick to respond when I was considering sending them that much money before I did. Funny how that works.

*I tried finding a solution that would have at least left me content, and asked them if I could get a refund (heck, even a partial refund would've sufficed) and instead, they tried manipulating what I said as "extortion". Extortion is "do this and i'll do this". Requesting a refund is not extortion. Even with the refund, I was still planning on sharing my personal experience, as this is my legal right to do so. I feel bad for anybody who doesn't believe in freedom of speech.

All in all, I wouldn't say it's a scam or that they don't deliver what they say.I just personally feel it's way over-priced and you can probably do almost everything they do and save yourself a whole lot of money.

I couldn't with a clear concsious recommend Vydia's service.

  • Apr 29, 2015

Many Thanks

I was just about to hit the submit button when I decided to do a search on Vydia. I was skeptical because it is an online service and you never really know what's going on behind the scenes. I have to trust the consumer on this one. Sorry for your troubles and spending so much money not to achieve what you expected. Consider yourself a fine individual and good luck with your band for much success and freedom of your content. Regards, Joe

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