Country United States
State Georgia
City Martinez
Address 4816 Technology Drive
Phone 1-866-270-5693
Website https://www.vydox.com/

Vydox Reviews

  • May 1, 2015

This company that sells this product Vydox along with many others to help with Energy, Stamina in the bedroom etc. is a complete rip off.

When you order your FREE TRAIL OFFER at only shipping and handling cost to you at $4.95 for first shipment but did you know that they keep sending you the product each month at $89.95. Once this company gets your account number they keep taking money from your acount without your approval.


  • Dec 10, 2014

Bought a 14 day trial 4.95, shipping , was charged 89.99 on my credit card the next day before even receiving the product and company refused to return product says trial starts day of order even though product never even shipped and it was charged before even receiving the product. Supervisor refused to give Company info to place formal complain with Better Business Beaurue. I am furious......

  • Nov 22, 2014

1 - The product does not work (for me).

2 - VYDOX operates 2 versions or their order pages. The "unofficial" version gives you NO WARNING that you will later be charged $89 for the "FREE" trial AND be automatically signed up for a monthly auto-ship (if you don't cancel the free trial within 15 days of your order).

3 - When you call to complain about the unauthorized $89 charge (which shows up after the cancel deadline), they will point you to the "official" version of their order page which DOES spell out the terms. They will say that by ordering, you agreed to these terms, and they will absolutely refuse to issue a refund - regardless of the slogans on their webpage that say "100% Risk Free Trial" and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee".

4 - Once they had my number, their telemarketers started calling me to order more. They called me BEFORE 8 a.m. in violation of FTC rules.

RESOLUTION - I managed to get a refund after I posted a complaint on the Facebook fan page of their Celebrity Endorsers.

  • Nov 14, 2014

Vydox ad emplies that the product is free. You are given a code to place in you order for what seems to be free shipping. As you fill out the order you are lead from one step to another, requiring a credit card number. No place ever comes up to place the code in. You are imediately charged on you card. When contacted immediately they say they cant take the charge off, like any other business would could and do.

I had to close that card to keep them from charging anything else. If they were a legitimate company they would have simply credited my card. They appeared to care less if I filed a rip off report, because they already had my money.

  • Oct 15, 2014

Beware! This company stole wife's debit information and charged $4.95 then sent product to husband without either of their knowledge. Had to cancel card and report as fraud!

  • Sep 26, 2014

I, the consumer ordered a sample supply of Vydox from this company. I was to receive the supply for a normalsum of $4.95, my credit card was charged $89.99 last month and again another $89.99 this month for this sample supply. This a rip-off for sure. These people are using this as a way to gain persons credit card number to contionue to charge them each and every month.

  • Aug 9, 2014

Notified VydoxxodyV to stop sending pill, returned 2 packages already and still receive more, have one to return now, how can I gett these people to stop sending these usless pills.

  • Jun 30, 2014

Ordered one bottle of Vydox as Trial offer, could not even pull up info on Terms & Conditions, or Refund policy off the website. I was aware it was a "membership program" and had to be canceled within 14 day period. I did cancel membership at the ten (10) day mark (and have prove), but was charged $89.99 for the bottle on my credit card, Outrageous. Made several calls to customer service reps, nine (9) different people who all told me supervisor was not available or they were one, when I asked to speak with one. Ask to speak to their boss and answer was our boss is not here. On my last call the person claimed they were a supervisor, after much argument with a so called custom representative, one came on line, if he/she actually was a supervisor, & told me product could not be returned of refunded. Due to their language Vydox Customer Support/Help Center is not located in the USA. I requested a refund, was refused, due to their "policies". I'm requesting my money back through the Better Business Bureau in State of Georgia and FDA after filing a complaint with both of them.

Only other information I could get was their Fax Number 303-530-0771, which is a Fax Number, but to Denver Colorado. Yet I was told ten (10) times I was speaking to a person in Martinez Georgia.

  • May 12, 2014

Attention all men, Vydox is a complete waste of money and time, would have had more of a reaction to a sugar pill, Please do not make the same mistake in ordering this product, it is a complete lie, simply a scam!

  • Apr 28, 2014

I bought a one time gift deal online without any knowledge of automattic shipments or any strings attached commitments! After 2 weeks I see $89.99 wihdrawn from my checking account. I called them and they more or less said tough luck; it's all my fault I didn't contact them in time to remove my name from an auto ship process!

I received the product without any invoice or explanation whatsoever telling me I was committed to calling them to remove my name from an monthly auto ship program. Now they tell me it's ""my"" fault I didn't act quickly enough. I even went online to see their website to double check this to make sure I wasn't obligated in any way and removed my name from auto ship I believe. And then I forgot about it figuring it was done.

So when I called them they couldn't find a supervisor to assure me they would take care of my problem. They told me I might be owing them a percantage of the order and have to sned the product back like it was all my fault and ""I' have to pay for it! I have never been so mistreated by a Customer Service Dept. Most people will bend over backwards for their customers!

  • Apr 21, 2014

Saw the ad on t.v. trial for $4.95, product is not as promices thre it away thinking o well placebo $4.95, not much lost, no i look at my bank account i have an $89.99 charge for testoril ?? never auhtorized nor received... this is a scammm avoid if you can .

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