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Vydox | Premium Nutraceuticals, LLC Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2014

My husband was confused by Vydox Ad.

A pop up ad when he browsed amazon.com, he thought it was an amazon company ad. after some questions like how often you visit amazon ect., the next thing he saw a deal on the ad was FREE product only have to pay the shipping cost, no other terms and conditions. So under this attractive condition, he paid the shipment for the "free" product, gave his information to this online site (address,email,credit card information).

But it came out that it was not free. He was puzzled after one month he received an other box of pill.

He asked me to check his account and found out we have been charged by twice time.

We first call the customer service number found on Vydox website, the answer is the trail period has passed, we have to pay.

We tried to find out the Vydox company website to learn more detail about the payment condition, he did not get any terms and condition through email from the company.

On the website the product trail period is 1 month---- risk free (as it says)

We call again to the customer service, asked about the trail period, but we got the answer : the trail period is 14 days, and our account is not available to be return or refund. The agent even didn't want to answer us why the difference trail period, and just said good bye to us.

I wrote a complain email to [email protected], as they write on their website:

If you are unhappy with any aspects of the services and/or products that we have provided to you or have any queries or comments regarding the service, please call us at Toll Free 1-855-868-6659; or email us at [email protected]

But it turns out this email address is totally unreachable:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

[email protected]

We have two boxes here which are totally wrong and misunderstanding result.

If it is 1 month trail which is shown on the website, the first box was shipped on 04/10, and was charged on 04/24/14, that is not enough one month trail period.

I hope any one read this massage can help them to advoid to get any trouble like ours,

don't get trap by those onlie Ad, especially pop out under the website you are browsing like amazon.com

don't belive those Ad says only pay shipping cost , other thing is FREE. Because only in this way they can get your credit card informatiion, then they can charged what ever they can.

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