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City Memphis
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Phone (877) 318.1138
Website www.vytocorwebsolutions.com/

VytoCor Web Solutions Reviews

  • Aug 20, 2014

Not-So Obvious Pricing:First and foremost, VytoCor advertises a single low price for their basic shared hosting account. However, as many of our reviewers have pointed out, you shouldn’t let that number fool you! You’ll have to sign up for an entire year to get that price, and if you decide to do anything shorter, you’ll be paying a higher premium. Granted, this is hardly a deal breaker, but we felt you should know, especially as so many of its users have been talking about it.

Throttled Service:On a more disturbing note, we’ve also been hearing reports that VytoCor throttles the performance of accounts as soon as their 30-day money back guarantee has expired. Apparently, once the safety nets are off the company will drastically reduce the overall performance of the site, so much so that it’s noticeable on the front-end. We can guarantee these reports are true, we’ve certainly heard it from enough of its user base to think it’s not probableat but certainly plausible.

No Notifications:To dive into another area of this complaints, it appears that Robert Harris ’s technical support can be somewhat lackluster. Most noticeably, its users have been reporting a lack of reports. In other words, their accounts have been removed, modified, or even been down without any sort of notification of a change in service. It appears this is a tactic to avoid being blamed for server problems. At least, that’s what its users have been saying. The common trend is apparently the need to pester and badger the technical support representative until, finally, they admit to a server-side problem. Obviously this is a terrible way to run a business, and it appears the reseller hosts are suffering the most because VytoCor is only selling web hosting packages, they don't write code nor create the website or domains you buy from them. they use premade templates to add infomation to.

Lack of Knowledge: On another note, it also appears that VytoCor’s support representatives have been unable in a lot of cases to solve the problems its users have been facing. Frequently, reviewers have called up a tech support agent, only to have their situation either exacerbated, or worsened.

Slow Service: Lastly, we’re hearing reports that the tech support service with VytoCor is somewhat slow on the upkeep. It often took users days to hear back from an email ticket, and not even a live chat for this so called reputable hosting vendor site.

Broken Links: A slightly more bizarre, though no less common, complaint, is that VytoCor frequently breaks all the links embedded within a website, and with no obvious cause. One morning, many users awoke to find their links simply broken. As mentioned earlier, tech support didn’t appear to be of much help, and in all but a few cases, our users moved on to a different hosting company.

Database Errors: users have reported more database errors than most with VytoCor. It appears housing a database with VytoCor is somewhat risky, often leading to overloaded requests or sites that simply don’t function correctly because of it.

Slow Website Transfer: Apparently, moving your website from either another VytoCor server or another web host can take quite a bit of time. we get reports that a basic website transfer can take as much as 30 hours to complete: A truly unpleasant number of hours, if you bank on your website daily for your own livelihood. Still, we’re not seeing quite as many reports as we usually do in this section, and believe it or not, VytoCor's uptime appears to be some of the worset in the business.

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