Country United States
State Congo
City Bend
Address 2045 Murray Road
Phone 855.420.6136
Website www.vytox.com/

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  • Aug 18, 2014

I ordered on line at a website called VYTOX.Com a Garmin 70DV Chartplotter/Fishfinder at a cost of $836.35. I placed the order with them and they responded almost immediatley on how to go about paying for it. They wanted me to pay with a Amazon Gift Card instead of Paypal or a credit card. I found it strange, but I went ahead and purchased a card from Amazon.

They instructed me to email them with the card numbers, which I did. They responded with an email confirming payment and issuing a invoice for the purchase. The only problem is, you can't access the invoice because their website is no longer accessible on the internet. They sent me an email stating that my current order was processing. Then they sent another email stating that the order would be shipping soon. They then sent another email stating the order has been shipped and that it should take seven business days or less. The package is supposed to be insured, but I received no documentation on this.

After nine (9) business days I tried contacting them by email but received no response. I have since tried five more times but still didn't receive any response. There is no contact phone number just the email address ([email protected]). I have checked around the web looking for any reviews concerning them and 95% of them are negative reviews saying they are scammers. Please Please

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  • Aug 20, 2014

Scam and Fraud!

This company is a total scam! I have reported them to the Federal Trade Commission. Do not buy anything from them

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  • Aug 17, 2021

Vytox organic bee propolis

Second order smells of disinfectant - my first lot ordered did not

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