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Water Submetering Systems LLC Reviews

  • Jul 16, 2014

Warning: HOA board members, this may seem like a good idea if the association is low on funds BUT this will take a tremendous amount of money out of your community for NO benefit.

The sales pitch to cash strapped HOA members is that the high water users in the community are being subsidized by the low water user and by submetering, those costs get attributed more fairly. This allows the HOA to split off the water bills from the HOA fees and, like magic, the HOA has more funds without raising fees.

The reality is that Water Submetering Systems (WSS) has fees they charge for every meter, they charge fees for reading the meters, they keep any of the late charge fees (instead of the HOA), and there are NO water savings. The average water bill is approx $36, with over $12 of that going to WSS.

Don't use this company or these horrible people who take advantage of Home Owner Associations who are strapped for cash. They pit neighbor vs neighbor, claim water savings that never materialize, and remove a LOT of money from the community.

Short backstory... Most communities don't think about participating in their HOA because it's time consuming and a pain in the butt. So after a while the HOA board gets filled by the lowest common denominator. After the economic downturn we had some empty units and our HOA funds started to shrink. That's when WSS came to the "rescue". We got tied to a multiyear contract, had to pay to bring an old but working water system up to new code, vote out the well-intentioned but bad at math board members, hire a lawyer, pay to remove the hardware...

For the love of god, do not use this company.

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