Country United States
State Cape Verde
City Las Vegas, Nevada
Address 6603 Schuster Street
Phone (702) 450-0808
Website www.weighpack.com

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  • Jul 29, 2014

The owners of this company should be arrested for fraud. I have one of their machines and it has Not worked from the day it arrived in my plant. In order to recover my losses " over 78k dollars " I am forced to sue in Canadian court.

The owner and his suns are crooks and I'm sure that one day soon the law will catch up with them and put them behind bars where they belong.

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  • Aug 10, 2014

You are not alone

Many companies have been fooled by this band of thief's.

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  • Sep 27, 2014

Terrible company

I am surprised this company is still in business and not closed down by the government for the fraud they have committed.

I bought a small machine, which was faulty from the get-go, a technician covered in tattoos came to have a look and told me it was beyond repair and a call to the service department confirmed my warranty did not cover it, so I would have to purchase a brand new one.

I considered legal proceedings against them but it was not economically viable to hire a representative in Canada to fight on our behalf so we put the costly mistake behind us and sold the faulty machine at a loss to a company who needed spare parts, and bought a new one from a rival.

Do not do business with this company, EVER.

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  • Oct 21, 2014

Do your research BEFORE making a deal

I made the very costly mistake of NOT researching this company's history prior to committing to a sale.

I couldn't believe when my machine was delivered with rusty parts. I thought I was buying a new machine but this appeared to be second hand. Even some of the components looked like they had seen better days.

The company claims THE POWER OF ONE on the website but it took more than one call before I finally reached someone who would speak to me, as my calls were bounced around to different people. My sales guy who had been so convincing was nowhere to be found. He did not take a single call from me or my representatives after our cash had changed hands.

In the end I was told I entered into a deal and it was my responsibility to care for the machine by applying proper washing techniques or else my warranty was invalid. They did not send a technician.

My warranty never existed since I never received what I bought and ultimately I too had a machine that I ended up paying thousands of dollars to an external service center to have repaired to at least functioning level.

They are a family business so you expect some negative reviews but I wish I had read up on them before doing business.

Every single thing I have read is true. I have experienced it.

If you buy from this company with your eyes closed you are setting yourself up for a very big fall.


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