Western General Insurance Company

Country United States
State Aruba
City Calabasas
Address 5230 Las Virgenes Road Suite 100
Phone 800-758-3311
Website http://www.westerngeneral.com/

Western General Insurance Company Reviews

  • Feb 6, 2015

I purchased an extended warranty through this company and when the car began to act up they refused to pay anything towards the repairs. The items that needed fixing was electrical.....clearly on the declaration page it said I was covered for electrical issues. When the dealer contacted them to pay for the items they refused stating that the "Starter Relay" was not apart of "Electrical Issues". To add to the ignorance on my declaration page for the warranty my particular plan listed as "Level 1 1-5" has the following items as covered:

1) Engine

2) Automatic/Standard Transmission And Transfer Case

3) Drive Axle

4) Steering

5) Electrical

Can someone please explain to me how a "Starter Relay" is not covered in any of the items mentioned? Not only was the gentleman ignorant but he was flat out rude and unwilling to help. In addition to that they didn't even cover the diagnostic test or any other of the items which were all "Electrical" issues causing the vehicle not to start on the first crank. This is a total ripoff and an attempt to not pay out on a warranty coverage that's stipulated in writing. Stay far away from this company! I have proof in my hands yet they will not honor the declaration page they provided me. A total of over $700 in damages for a vehicle I have only had for 5 months with an "Extended warranty" that is good for 1 year or up to 12,000 miles whichever comes first. What a joke! I cannot afford the amount asked to fix the vehicle I can only pay for the diagnostic and pray I can find another company to fix the issue. This is illegal!!!! And not right!

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