Wheels & Deals of Silicon Valley, Inc.

Country United States
State Aruba
City Santa Clara
Address 3035 El Camino Real
Phone 408-246-1000
Website wheelsanddeals.com/

Wheels & Deals of Silicon Valley, Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 30, 2014

Do not do business with these scum buckets. I did months ago and I regret it. Imagine putting down $4,000.00 only to have your car breakdown two days later with thousands of dollars in repair. That's what happened to me. They make their money screwing people and Georgia law makes it possible.

The owner refused to put me in a different car unless I put more money down. See? Slime. I wanted my money back. He laughed in my face. Really. Becareful because they change the name often. (twice in one year) that's why I'm here.

DO NOT Be naive like me. I'm in a cool car now. Bought it from a mechanic that gave me 30 days to return it for whatever reason. Look around. They have quarters glued to the floor. Reminds me of an ex I had who was in a cult. Wacko. Hence the ex. But I noticed it after the fact. Wicked people. Good luck and drive slow. They'll put you in a death trap and laugh in your face. Satan's finest.

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