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Wholesale Interiors Reviews

  • Dec 3, 2014

My company started using Wholesale Interiors several years ago. We are in the trade show industry and they had a variety of attractive pieces of furniture at good prices. At first, their service was amazing! You called, you got a person on the phone and they were very helpful.

This has all changed. Now when you call, you have to leave a voice message. The recorded message says "Existing Customers Voice Mail Box" and then y ou leave a message. It does not tell you that someone will return your call or when someone will return your call. It does give you the option of dialing Zero but no person will pick up. This has happened each and every time I have called in the last year. I have never, ever, gotten a real person on the phone and I have never, ever, gotten a return phone call.

Now on to eamil. You send an eamail to customer service and you will get an automatic response straight away that tells you it will be 2-3 days before you get an answer so now you have probably wasted 4 days.

Who does this? What company that wants to succeed waits 2-3 days to contact you?

In the Trade Show industry, time is of the essesence. I ordered two tables on November 17th. I had to fill out a form designating they type of freight, if I wanted to arrange my own or if I wanted them to arrange it. The issue I had with the form is that they would automatically always send it that way and there are times when my carrier would be less. They do not allow you to do it otherwise. So held up order for a day.

I filled the forms out, sent them and got another email the next day requesting the forms again. Oh well, on to the order. On November 25th, I asked what the status was and was assured I would have them in the 7-10 day lead time and that it would be here no later than Thursday, December 4th. I would receive an email when it shipped.

On December 1st, I had not yet received a shipping email and contacted them again and was asked to wait one day???? I replied that I could not and to have a manager call me. They did not but I received an email the next morning noting my items were out of stock, now remember on their website it tells you that if the item is out of stock, you will be notified by email. I recieved no such email.

I was flabergasted?! I sent many emails and received many and was very clear how important it was to receive the items before my truck shipped on Thursday. At any time, it would seem that customer service could have checked the stock but no not until I continued to check on why I received no notice of shipping did they think "Oh gee, I might should check stock". So now I have no tables and they have the money for the tables and my freight ships Thursday.

They have no concern and do not care. They do not understand deadlines. Do not use this company if you are a business and it is time sensative. The do not care.

I have yet to speak to a real person.

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