Xenia Siamas,Max Cherchi

Country United States
State Chile
City New York
Address 320 W 37th Streeet #302
Phone 212-594-5262

Xenia Siamas,Max Cherchi Reviews

  • Jan 29, 2015

http://www.hiddentreasuresmag.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1227:an-angel-in-new-york-featuring-xenia-siamas&catid=69:interviews&Itemid=29 http://www.achievium-nyc.com/about-the-team.php www.maxcherchi.com...Don't let them fool you Xenia is a prostitute and she looked like a drug addict i believe she was high in cocaine when i met her she looks to be in mid thirties they lie and con/ and max or al both who studies anton lavey's techniques from the church of satan... and make false reports on girls they are jealous of and copy.. if you read books from the papyrus of ani the egyption book or theban book of dead " Released from the viod, I behold the perfect beauty. Creator of all things, Sayeth Satan! Eyes of molten souls view the building of universes. Meteors adore your forhead shining throught the sapphire veil of formless choas, hidding your naked body from view. The golden phallus brings forth eternal existing souls. Your are Kether the purest light of creation. Between your silver jeweled hair appears a eight-rayed rainbow of diamond. From your body comes the scarlet sea. Your honey voice creates the constellations of space. Your mind is the eternal river of life.Guided by your hands, I pass between the veil of void and star. Against your trembling body, I can see beyond the soul into the dazzling eyes.... The everlasting light of nothingness. Oh Satan, I adore you!!" how pathetic you worshippers of the god SEt(The original Satan) God shall punish you and send back which you put out into the universe times 3 times 3 so mote it be...

in site above xenia states shes a pyschic powers to take energy or copy others or put others down...however god brings light upon those who see the truth of your lies..you are a spec of dirt in comparison to god..remember that...

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