Xerox State & Local Solutions, Inc.

Country United States
State American Samoa
City Phoenix
Address P.O. Box 52030
Phone 215-567-7901

Xerox State & Local Solutions, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 11, 2015

This company appeared on my credit report claiming that i owe $135.00 for some thing but i don't have any idea of what it is i never got any notificacion on ano kind of papers in relation to this company.

  • Sep 6, 2014

This company reports negative deceptive and un-vetted credit amounts for city departments nationwide to national credit agencies. These city departments are incapable of policing themselves and circumvent all Federal USC (United States Uniform Code), FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and FDCPA (Fair Debit Collections Practices Acts) regulations that were established many years ago to protect the consumer. In my case a traffic fine was being reported to TransUnion (Credit Bureau) while the fine is NOT COLLECTABLE because the case is in the appeal process in the Dallas Courts, who operate on the same floor as the traffic fines collection agency. I have in THREE seperate, registered letters given them the copies of the appeal filings - yet they pursued the collections process and ordered their contractor Xerox to file with the credit bureau. Xerox does apparently not vet the orders, and so we have dumb leading bumber to jeopardize your credit ... with dubious recourse for the consumer ... Im looking for others to team up with in cleaning up these processes - if you know what I mean ...

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