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  • Nov 28, 2014

Amber and Gabby are 2 females that make their living stealing, lying, doing drugs, and living off of people. I am a personell friend of Ambers mom and she has been seriously ill for many months. Amber and Gabby recenly got married {yes, I said maried } And on the day they left to start a new life moving to Florida, Amber went over to her mothers house nd stole all her remaining medication.

They have been evicted and thrown out of at least 7 different places in a matter of a few months. They have been fired from many jobs, for stealing, in trouble with the law, amoungst many other evil things. Everywhere they go, they get thrown out of and have even spent time living in their car because they cant hold a job nor keep a roof over their head due to being alcoholics and drug abusers. They have personally done many people wrong, even lying to them to further their agenda. They change names, do whatever they happen to be able to do just to survive. I have known Judy from church for several years. She had not seen her daughter since last year and out of the blue she got a call from her telling her she was homless and stranded in Florida and needed money to get home. Ambers mom is seriously ill, and suffers from kidney tumors and many other health issues that have caused her great financial and physical burdens. She twice managed to get money from friends etc to wire to her daugter because she told her she was in jail, and Gabby was abusing her, playing on the sympathy of her mom, knowing her mom loves her and is sick. The muniute she wired the money, the phone was turned off and she never retuened home. She was supposed to come home for Thanksgiving, and Judy was excited, and made all the necesarry arrangements for her to come home. As staed above, once she got the money, which was over 250 for a bus fare, the phones were turned off and Amber never returned. She also told me that Gabbys step mother has abused her, and was paying off a sherrif to dig up dirt on them. This in turn left my friend Judy with n money, no money for heat and heart broken. The address available for thm is 9940 N west 56th place. coral springs florida. 33076. Judy is sick and heartbroken has been hospitalized over this. As soon as she gets out of the hospital, we are going to file complaints against them both for theft by deception, fraud, and any other charges we can come up with.

I personally knew Amber in the past and never knew her to be such a bad person until she met Gabrielle. She has been fired from Kmart for stealing, has warrants out for her arrest, and many more things to numerous to mention. Gabrielle is an alcoholic, who drinks and drives all the time. Anyone who is on the road when she is, are definetly in danger. They steal from whomever they can, lie to whomever they can, buy drugs off the street and do many many other things immoral. I warn you if you run into these 2 girls to be warned. They are extremely dangerous, and will befriend anyone whom they think they can steal from. I am going to be with Judy at her side shortly because I am afraid this may be the death of her. PLEASE TAKE THIS WARNING SERIOUSLY!! Thank you.

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