XOXO Telecom Group

Country United States
State Barbados
City Atlanta
Address 509 main st.
Phone 770.555.5555
Website www.xoxotelecomgroup.com/

XOXO Telecom Group Reviews

  • Sep 3, 2014

Do not work for this company. They are a rip off. About a month ago, they hired me and they

told me that I will do 2 characters. They also stated that they will pay me from 30 to 50 cents

per talk time minute depending of the talk time minute I made per week. The phone rang and

I got lots of calls. They use Niteflirt. I do not see any problems with that. The systems are already there so why not ? I found that it was a great idea.

They told me that I will start to get paid on the second week I was working. The second week

arrived and I had to write them about paying me. They know that I am Canadian and told me

that I would not have any problems to get paid. First, they send me a Moneypak card that I have to enter the code into my Paypal account and the money would be transferred. Unfortunately, because I have a Canadian Paypal account, it didn't worked because they do not accept Moneypak. So I told them to simply send me the money on Paypal with my e-mail address. They told me that they could't do that. Then they told me that they will send me money via direct deposit but it seems complicated. Every day, I got an e-mail telling me that they will deposit the money the next day but nothing, niet, nada.

So I just wanted to warn you guys to not work for XOXO Telecom Group because they don't pay their subcontractors.


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