Xtreme Taxidermy

Country United States
State Arkansas
City Romance
Address 1814 AR-5
Phone 501-849-3353
Website http://www.xtremetaxidermy.com/

Xtreme Taxidermy Reviews

  • Mar 2, 2015

John Thomas Owner of Extreme Taxidermy had my deer for 8 years! I took my Deer to him in 2006 and paid for it to get mounted! I was told that my deer would been done in a couple months. Some time had passed so I called to check in and He gave me an excuses about why it wasn't done and that he would get to it soon. So I waited another couple of months and decided to stop by his shop, he assured me that it would be done "Soon" and not to worry! At this time I did see the horns on the manikin but no other progress had been made. I tried calling a couple of times with no response or return calls! I even made a few more trips out there he was never around so I left a note and then one day he just up and diapered he had moved from his house on new hope and the shop was empty. I decided to go to the police and see if they could help me, but the time that had passed was to long and they couldn't do anything it was just bad business. I heard through the grape vine that he had moved out on Little Apple gate Ave so I tried to find it but yet again he moved! I had lost all hope that my stuff was gone forever! I never really lost faith that one day he might show back up in Grants pass. I always keep an ear out for any information. I got the tip that lead me to him and In October of 2014 He told me he wanted to make it right and get my stuff to me! So I waited and keep getting his Lame excuses I had finally had enough and just took my stuff four months later! I have finally after 8 years got my horns back! I have some information for anyone out there that would like to try and get their stuff back!

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