Xtreme Xperience

Country United States
State Illinois
City Indian Head Park
Address 11121 Indian Woods Drive
Phone 1-866-273-7727
Website http://www.thextremexperience.com

Xtreme Xperience Reviews

  • May 21, 2015

Xtreme Xperience is Xtremely good at ripping people off. I gave my son a voucher to take a super car for 3 laps which I paid $130 for plus $50 insurance in April of 2014. Xtrem was coming to a track in September near our home. My son drove an hour to the track and was placed in a car and id his 3 laps. The experience was just fine for him. And thne my credit card statemnt showed up and these scumbags charged my card an an additional $338!!! This is the full retail rate on thier website to do 3 laps!! They took the card number from the insurance payment and billed me the full retail with no consideration for the voucher already paid for!!

To make matter worse, these scumbags fought my credit card dispute and lied through thier scummy teeth claiming I authorized it- even though there is no signature, presentation of card, or any approval of any form.

So I end up paying $518.00 for a gift from these scummy pieces of garbage that prey on gift givers. DO NOT BUY THIS SERVICE. I have never heard of such scummy behavior from a service. Beware of these dirtbags coming to a track near you. If you want to rent or drive in a Ferrari, go elsewhere or be prepared to be ripped off.

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