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  • Jul 14, 2014

Matthew D Baldock is a prosecutor for Snohomish County, operating out of the courthouse in Everett, WA. He has been licensed for 13 years and has attended hundreds of cases. But what you don't know about Matthew are all the illegal acts he carries out behind the scenes, which he is never held accountable for.

What illegal acts you ask? When a court case is begun they must file a name for who the defendent and plaintiff are. By law the court must use your legal name on the documents. But did Matthew follow this simple rule when he put me on trial for growing pot? Not in the least. Despite having a legal name change and Matthew knowing of this name change, he filed the court case in my previous name. And wouldn't you know it... my name change documents were sealed, which means he used personal knowledge of me to exploit the legal system. He "unsealed" my records by making sure to bring up the name and sex change in court to make them public - an act of discrimination and hatred. Today this is known as a hate crime, which is a criminal offense.

Matthew Baldock had all the information in front of him. A man had been caught selling marijuana after many, many offenses. This man was my dealer, his name was James (Jimmy) Brown, and because I was a legal medical marijuana patient in the state, I could legally purchase marijuana from him. But when they offered him a deal to turn in someone bigger in exchange for freedom, he quickly turned the finger on me "I know she grows pot!". So rather than convicting a repeat-offender they caught red-handed, they let him walk for pointing the finger at me.

Now the detectives on the case had to try and build a case against me, so they tried to arrange drug deals to entrap me. Sadly for the police, they never did. Instead they got my room-mate (another dealer) who did sell to one of their CI's. (If you're wondering why I lived with a dealer - it's so I would get cheaper or free pot! that stuff is expensive!). Now they had two people they had caught red-handed selling pot, but do you think they would try and prosecute either of them? NO - they offered my room-mate immunity to testify against me and say that I was the brains to all his endeavors. Of course they had only accusations, no proof, but this was enough for Baldock to get excited. "Prosecute a medical marijuana patient" he thought... "how sweet".

See Matthew Baldock knew I was a legal medical marijuana patient. He knew I could have up to 24 ounces on my person (legally) and was allowed to grow an ample number of plants to replenish this supply. But despite verifying I was legit, and that they seized far less than I was legally allowed to posess, he proceeded to attempt to ruin my life. For what reason? His own zeal to out a transsexual. After all, this is why he filed the case in my male name, rather than my legal female name... It gave him everything he needed to try and bring about prejudice and hate in the court room. He thought it would help his case, but in the end it may have been what lost it for him, as the jury was disgusted by his display in court.

Keep in mind I was never arrested on any charges... I went on trial without even being arrested, facing a felony and a year or more in prison! And it was Matthew's personal decision to make the case against me - he could have dropped it or proceeded against either person they caught before, but he didn't. This is how I know it was personal.

When it came time to be in court, my attorney filed a motion to dismiss the case because the prosecution had failed to identify me as the person they named on the court records. So what did Matthew do that made the jury so disgusted? He posted a license photo they confiscated in the raid on my home from several years prior, then put it on a giant screen for everyone to see. He then called his detective to the stand, who was guilty of perjuring himself on at least 5 different occasions during the trial (and yet nothing ever came of it). He made the detective state under record that the person in the photo, was without a doubt me. The jury shook their heads in disbelief. The detective had never met me before the court appearance. He had no knowledge of what I looked like before or didn't. He simply lied on the stand to make sure Matthew got just what he needed - testimony that would allow him to publicly out me as a transsexual.

In the end the jury found me not guilty and Matthew bowed his head in shame. All the effort he put in to trying to manipulate the court with prejudice and hate had backfired on him. He lost the case and the jurors held contempt for him in the days and months to follow. Many came to me after the trial as I had tears streaming down my face, apologizing to me for what had been done to me and shaking their heads in disgust at Matthew Baldock. This sick-twisted, transsexual-hating individual should be disbarred from practicing law anywhere. It disgusts me that someone in a power of authority can get away with so many illegal acts.

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