Zoosk, Inc.

Country United States
State Aruba
City San Francisco
Address 475 Sansome Street
Phone 8889396675
Website https://www.zoosk.com

Zoosk, Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 10, 2014

Before you pay. You write to pretty girls. no reply! Then I tested this and every time was the same!but before this. before i joined. you would get half messages. then you join and never get anything. then you write to the girls that are pretty and nothing! Then i just sent a Wink and they would reply! asking for more info! then you do this and u never get a reply never again!

Its a bait and trap Scam! I really hope my consumer complain can sue the @#%^ out of them!

  • Dec 8, 2014

This morning I received a message from Zoosk indicating they had cancelled my subscripton to their dating service. There is no reason for this to happen as I had not abused this in any way...

I called customer support at 1 888 939 6675, and was told by the customer service agent that I had violated the terms of service agreement. I asked him to explain the violation and he told me that one of the terms had been violated. I again asked him to clarify his answer and he would not.

I asked him so how many accounts are arbitraily cut off after the bill is paid? He did not answer... I asked for a refund on the account and he indicated that the amount would be credited back to my credit card.... Yeh, right... Don't you just love a**h**** who lie to you over the phone?

I will pursue this until I get a full refund....

Do not do business with this company... They must have invented their own Patriot Act.... It is a scam.......

  • Nov 26, 2014

I paid this company for a month

I am supposed to be able to contact ladies that are shown on their site.

Zoosk will not let me contact the ladies in real time.

I am not allowed to include phone numbers, email address, or any type of contact information

To the ladies that I send a contact message.

Zoosk controls all the information as a third person

It's impossible to set up any type of date with a contact.

I can't really establish if the lady that I send a message to even recieves it.

So how in hell can they call this a dating site?


  • Aug 25, 2014

Zoosk is QUICK to accept your credit card payment, but they make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to stop payment and they WILL NOT YOUR DELETE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION FROM THEIR FILES.

Zoosk continues to attempt to charge my credit card $20/month despite CONSTANT DEMANDS TO CEASE!


  • Jul 17, 2014

I signed up and paid for only one month - with a rip-off "activation fee". I lost track and realized they kept charging my credit card every month. Worsed part, good luck figuring out how to cancel. The only mention in the "Help" section refers to cancelling via iTunes. I did not sign up via iTunes, or any app - I signed up directly online. There is no cancel button or any kind of provision for directly cancelling on their website.

I had to cancel my credit card and launch a payment dispute investigation.

Avoid this rip-off website!!!

  • Jul 7, 2014


Please learn from the mistakes of others, I should have did my research and now am out about 100 dollars, believe me you are Better Served to Go Elsewhere... These Guys Are CROOKS. Did not answer my email when they realized I was onto them.

Read all of the negative press they have received, I still have not gotten any resolve and guess I will just research next time.

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