Zoots Dry Cleaners

Country United States
State East Timor
City Virginia Beach
Address 1385 Fordham Dr.
Phone 757-488-3867

Zoots Dry Cleaners Reviews

  • Oct 18, 2014

After losing 50 pounds after having 5 kids I was finally able to get into my dream gown which I had purchased a few years earlier. I noticed a few spots from storage so I decided to take it to Zoots. I was assured several times that I had nothing to worry about. 3 weeks later I came to get my dress and it was completely ruined! Silk was warped from head to toe. Tags says do not wash but they did, and then hard pressed the silk to death! I cried for about an hour and took several photos. The manager on the phone just said well you signed didn't you? So you know there's risk? So it's your fault! I was also reassured that they would not even attempt to clean it if they thought they would damage it. It's just a simple silk gown, no beads or frills! So I gave them a chance to fix it. Came back even worse! With a new tear in the side! Regional manager Lisa Verlander said it was beautiful but she didn't get a chance to see it before it went out and even tried to recommend a tailor.

Just minutes after I spoke to her, saying it was beautiful, I went to pick it up and I was in tears again! I took my dress and told the clerk I would see them in court. Just minutes later the same manager called me angrily screaming at me threating to have me arrested in front of my kids for theft because I had just stolen from them. They ruined my $2000 gown and I was the theif? I contacted local police for advice and they said that I should go back and pay the $129 just to avoid any trouble and to seek reimbursement in court. So that is what I did. Very ironic to have to pay for someone to ruin my dream gown before I even get to wear it! Never offered a replacement or any kind of sympathy to a bride to be?! I have several pictures posted on their review pages to show the damage. I have brought the dress to 3 other places who specialize in wedding gowns and they all said it was ruined beyond repair. I have been treated like crap and my dreams have been shattered! They don't even make this dress anymore. I have been gazing at it for the last 4 years and now that it fits I can't wear it. Words cannot decribe the pain and anger I feel towards this heartless company.

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