Zoozil Media, Inc.

Country United States
State East Timor
City Richmond, Virginia
Phone 202 279 1494
Website zoozil.com/

Zoozil Media, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 23, 2014

I made an animated logo for Joe Heinzen in which he paid my day rate for. He wanted a revision done that basically had to re-animate the entire thing because he failed to communicate what he wanted and offered me $100 for the revisions, which I took. Later he asked to have sound added, which I tagged on another $100 to which I was told that I should have done it for free for "the company giving me the unique position to be a part of the company." After some going back and forth, he agreed to pay.

Under a contract for a seperate job, I was still owed money for which he paid. Under this same invoice I put in the revision fees. He questioned why considering "he already paid for this" but he only paid for the initial day rate. I told him to check his records if he thought there were descrepencies, but I was told the next day that the check was mailed so I assumed the revision fees were included and there were no problems.

I received the check and they were not included. I emailed him asking why and his response was, "The revision came as a result of there being an error in communication. Is that something a customer would normally pay for?" Which, as a freelancer you know that yes, they do because it's still a revision. He later tells me, "To be upfront though, I have no intention of paying for an edit that came as a result of a mistake related to the direction that was given."

This is a brand new, not even launched company and the owner is already sheisting his contractors. Over $200. It's totally absurd and is such a drop in the hat for a company. As a young freelancer, this money is pretty vital for me. I have emails and texts agreeing to paying these fees and yet he still argues against me.

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