Zuffa Home Furniture

Country Canada
State France, Metropolitan
City Ottawa
Address 81 Montreal Rd
Phone (888) 540-7067
Website zuffahome.com/

Zuffa Home Furniture Reviews

  • Aug 16, 2014

Zuffa Home uses fake images on their site stolen from many other websites to promote their products. I am not sure how this business practice is good sinec they have a show room and can not hide from their quality. I bought a couple chairs from their site online and when it was delivered I was so disapointted. They did not allow for a refund unless I shipped the chairs that they falsely advertised back to them. And even then i would be subject to a restocking fee

I decided to pay a visit to their showroom in the Vanier distrct and was astonished that everything they show online they do not actually carry in the showroom.

First the Eames Lounge Chair is probably the lowest quality I have seen, aboslutely no flex, no tufing in the cushions the chair reminded me some of the early knock offs in the 90s. The chair can be bought from china from a mass factory for less than $200.

All of their pieces are also uses bonded leather and at best a cheap corrected grain. People need to inspect their items carefully in the showroom and look into the details of quality.

I would steer clear away from this sketchy company if you plan to buy off their website. Go see things in their showroom. It is ran by two 20 something year olds that are trying to rip people off.

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