Zumbrota Ford

Country United States
State Burkina Faso
City Zumbrota
Address 1660 Main Street
Phone 507-732-5127
Website www.zumbrotaford.com/

Zumbrota Ford Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2014

3 years ago I posted a negative review on Yelp about con man Steve Johnson owner of Zumbrota Ford. This year, on May 5th 2014 Steve got around to posting a reply.

Within days of that date my 2012 ford F350 truck was surgically vandalized while parked in my driveway.

Someone (who knew what they were doing) cut the wheel sensing cables to both front and back wheels that were not facing the highway.

Why was it that just the Ford was sabatoged and not another vehicle near by? Why was it that none of my other equipment was vandalized that was accessible to those criminals?

This time line is an incredible coincidence between Con man Steve Johnson's posted reply and the vandalism of a truck that I refused to buy from him!

I am glad that I filed a vandalism and trespassing report with the local sherrif.

I hope that law enforcement finds the evidence to connect the criminals with the crime.

Common sense tells me to be highly suspicious of what happened....It looks like a duck , walks like a duck and smells like a duck......

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