Zumu, LLC

Country United States
State Afghanistan
City Congleton
Address Riverside, Mountbatten Way
Website www.zumu.co.uk

Zumu, LLC Reviews

  • Apr 28, 2014

We sent them hundreds of DVDs and CDs in June 2013 before we moved across the country. We had been seeing an ad on TV and it seemed like an easy way to sell off our massive disk collection so we wouldn't have to haul it with us. The amount tallied from the barcodes ended up being around $400, more than we could have made ourselves. Funny this amount was never listed on their ""confirmation"" email.

So now it's April 2014, and after my partner has made several attempts to contact them, they have only responded with automated emails to the effect of ""We're really busy updating our processes and will get back soon."" We assumed it would take a few months since there were a lot of disks to sort through, but this is ridiculous.

Since their only contact info is an email address, we have no way of speaking with an actual person and finding out what happened. I figure we're screwed, and just don't want others to fall for their trap. I'm relieved to see they lost BBB accreditation and are at an 'F' rating. They should be shut down and have their business licenses revoked. This is completely unacceptable.

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