Zurix Roofing & Repairs

Country United States
State Afghanistan
City Atlanta
Address 5200 Peachtree Rd Suite 2107
Phone 6788557815
Website www.zurixroofing.com

Zurix Roofing & Repairs Reviews

  • May 9, 2014

In Jan of 2009 we were contacted by Zurix Roofing & Repair Inc. to inspect our home and roofing due to severe hail damage to many homes in our area of Alpharetta, GA. The inspection by Zurix ascertained we needed a total roof replacement immediately. The new roof estimate included removing all existing shingles and replacing them with a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty architecture shingles , replacing the felt, replacing the step flashing, and R& R vents. In addition to our new roof, we also installed a new gutter system Zurix was promoting called Gutter Guards. The repairs and the replacement was filed with our Insurance carrier (Travelers) and approved. The roof was replaced on Jan 19, 2009.

On Oct 13th, 2013 I noticed the carpet in our master bedroom closet was soaking in water and then I noticed the walls also had water stains and the trim was separating from the wall. I then went to the room below are our master bedroom and also found water stains on the ceiling. I contacted my Zurix sales rep Rodney Zehner on Oct 14th and left him a message to call me. I did not get a response so I went to the website and contacted a person listed as management named Andy Zawislak and left him a voice mail message. I also called the customer service number and left a VM message. I received a call back from Andy Zawislak and he asked me to contact their project manager Chad Landman. I called Chad and he sent an installation worker out to inspect the damage. The worker climbed onto the roof and found trim boards and cedar siding were rotting due to improper flashing. He caulked some areas along the flashing to prevent further water damage. He also went into the attic and inspected the master bedroom closet. He also noticed there was black mold developing on the sheetrock in the master bedroom closet. He took some pictures and made some notes and advised me he would send his report to Chad.

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