Zwicker & Associates PC

Country United States
State Brunei Darussalam
City Andover
Address 100 River Road
Phone 978-686-2255

Zwicker & Associates PC Reviews

  • Jan 29, 2015

Zwicker and Associates has been harassing me for over a year regarding an account with GE Capital Bank. They were taking a specific amount out per month as often as I could manage. I am disabled and they are now threatening with a lawsuit. I have suffered serious health problems and have not been able to come up with the full balance all at once. I am preparing to consult with an attorney to see what can be done. They constantly threaten me. As of this week they are telling me it is heading for a court case.

I have gone through this for so long it's ridiculous. I changed my main phone number so they couldn't call me there. Now they are calling my cellular number on a near constant basis. For one thing, the account went into collections way too fast. For another thing I am given no warning and they call me at random, sometimes as many as three days a week. This past week I have received a call every day. Those calls come as late as nine at night.

This is the gist of what they say during a phone call.

Hello, I am .... from the law offices of Zwicker and Associates. I am not an attorney, just collecting information and payments for information and account purposes. I need to speak with ..... in regard to a personal matter.

They ask for identity verification, name, address, etc. Then they basically yell and scream for the full amount owed. Their so called deals are two thirds or more of the amount owed in the first place. They add interest at ridiculous amounts most credit cards don't even manage. The account started out twelve hundred dollars lower than it currently is.

Were I to have known the tactics of these companies I'd have done somethng else for the purposes which were the impetus for getting the card in the first place. Healthcare isn't cheap and I couldn't afford standard insurance at the time. If it were possible to transfer it to a different company I would, but I currently cannot do so. Like I said. I'll be consulting an attorney.

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