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  • Jul 21, 2014

After attending the hardest sell time-share talk known to man, you think "ah. Now I'm going to enjoy the perks and indulge a 3 days, 2 night hotel stay in Florida." It sounds good until you embark on this ridiculous process.

I sent in my $100 confirmation deposit (don't do it) and gave them 3 dates throughout the year and my preferred destination, which I had available for my travel dates. They emailed to say my trip had been planned and all I had to do was call and confirm. This "simple" process could not be more assinine and unnerving.

5 calls later, I waited on hold for at least 45 minutes per call; I was threatened by a rude customer service rep; I was hung up on 3 times; and, when asked to speak with a manager, was hung up on again. During one of my many waits on hold, I googled the hotel that they were charging $109/night to upgrade my room, the room rate for the same room on the same date was $79/night. Their idea of a deal is to inflate the room fees and make you think that if you were patient and diligent then you would be able to get in on this.

Don't be fooled. The only one who gets a great deal is Spirit Incentives. They hard sell upgrades to make a profit.

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  • Aug 19, 2019


Had a good time waiting on the phone while they checked on a better room on an upper deck, after a long wait was told the room would cost between 450 and 600 dollars. I informed them the cost for an upper deck inside room was less than 300 dollars. Only cost me 98 dollars to earn a lesson. If u want a good price on a cruise go to their web site. What a way to make a living....

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  • Mar 11, 2020

same situation here

I have been giving this cruise trip from a town share when trying to book my dates I haven't got one date I would like so in the morning I will ask for refund

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  • Jul 2, 2020

gocrv.com is a SCAM

We got a vacation card for free airfare from a time share. We paid the $200 dollars to register. Every time we tried to use it, the dates and locations were not available. They wanted to dictate which dates and destinations which never was close to the time we wanted to go and not close enough to get to where we wanted to go. After trying for a year, we finally got fed up and asked for a refund on March 17, 2020. We received an email stating we would receive it within 14 business days and if not, we were to contact them so that they "can investigate and remedy the issue". It's now been 3 1/2 months later and we still haven't seen the refund. We've been told on 3 different occasions we will receive the check in 2 weeks. We were told a check was cut and and we were actually given a check number. STILL have not received it. Our latest call on July 2nd, we were told by Nellie they will expedite the our refund check. The ol' check is in the mail gag. I firmly believe they are trying to wear us down to give up, but you don't know my wife......

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  • Jun 27, 2017


After reading these reviews, I am concerned about booking a cruise with CRV. Why $198. deposit? That seems high. What if I pay a deposit, but no one answers the phone like happened over and over with others? It appears as if the company does not care about customer service. CRV needs to be proactive, not avoid customers.

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  • May 17, 2016


I entered a drawling and was told I won a free trip to one of 3 places for 3 nights 4 days for 2 and it includes air fare but I had to sit thru there schmeal with no obligation. Ok no prob. They started at the high end of the sale and by the time we left we ended up investing in 12 weeks’ worth of vaca for $4000. the free vacation that was given at the end was not so free, but what is now a days. I was given a voucher that I had to register on their website and pay the 100 deposit that was to be applied to the amt owed when booking. I picked my 3 sets of dates, 35 days apart and well in advance. We chose Cancun Mexico. We had to wait 45 days before the first set of dates to see what they chose for us and it was May . When we spoke to the lady she gave us 3 options the "free" one was a hole in the wall (really nothing to it) and it would have cost 300 then offered and all inclusive upgrade for 700. I went with the all-inclusive considering that eating 3 meals a day for 4 days would have added up to 400 anyway. I must say even though we had to drive 1 1/2 hrs to another airport it wasn’t so bad. I really enjoyed the resort. Very nice! To get 3 night 4 days all inclusive plus air fare for 700 I would say is pretty awesome. Nothing in life is free and to think something like this would be you would have to be dumb. Air fare now a days is 300. I did started to realize that I couldn’t use any of the week’s I bought because I was too busy paying for the annual fees of 385 a year, plus the finance payment for the 4000 and to go anywhere you needed to pay the 250/350 for the condo for a week. I ended up paying the 4000 off in 2 years( and they gave me another 7 days free at any of their 20 locations. We chose Virginia beach witch is still pending) but now that this is paid off and I have 12 weeks to use at 350 a week with annual being 32 a month is much more affordable and hope to start using it next year. All in all this company is not so bad you just have to put in a little to get a good deal and don’t have high expectations this is for barging shoppers!! I am also a member of Global Discovery Vacations witch I like much better they are more willing to work with the customers and this company is not witch is why i gave them 3 stars, it’s their way or the high way (or we would have flew out of are airport 10 min away) but this isn’t realy that bad.

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  • Jul 3, 2016

Avoid Gocrv.com like the plague

My wife and I obtained a "free cruise" certificate at a Diamond Resort hard-sell, time share sales pitch. It was a big factor in our decision to sign up for their "Sampler Package". When we attempted to register with Gocrv, we were curtly informed in writing that the 60 day registration period had expired. Neither this requirement, nor the expiration date, was shown on the front of the certificate, nor was the deadline mentioned in the Diamond Resorts sales pitch. However, it did appear in small print on the back of the certificate along with a large amount of "legalize".

It is clear that this cruise offer is a "come-on" that gocrv has little interest in actually implementing their offer.

When I called Diamond Resorts, they were not at all helpful, saying it was a gocrv matter.

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  • Feb 8, 2017


It all began with the call from TRAVEL OPTIONS, which I have since filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on. This company and everything about their offer to these destinations is a SCAM. After you travel to the very tacky, run down, time share location, and you attend the presentation, you have to go through a ridiculous process to redeem a free cruise. These people never return your calls and and when they do, they are the most unprofessional group of employees I have ever had to deal with. All I can say is that whenever you get these calls that promote free trips to 3/4/ destinations for a ridiculously LOW price, you will end up paying for it in aggravation, extra unexpected costs and time.

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  • Nov 7, 2015

Dodged a bullet.

My wife and I were just about to try book a vacation from our "gift." Luckily we googled gocrv 1st and found this. We sat through a timeshare sales pitch. They said it's not a timeshare but "a rose by any other name." Bottom line if you want to travel save some money and make it work. Even if you manage to book a trip with these people it will probably work at to be the same or even more if you used expedia or any other traditional travel sites.

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  • Feb 4, 2015

Dream Vacation on US?????

Dealing with these people is nothing more than a NIGHTMARE.....

DON"T DO IT !!!!!!

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  • Apr 23, 2015


wow I wish I had read this before I sent my money in im on my third call and still no answer yet yes at this point I want my 100 back because doesn't make sense to not be able to reach anyone after you have sent your money to them

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  • Jan 25, 2015

silver lakepiney shores resort, conroe texas

all a major waste of time. u get lots of pressure n rudeness, then the trips they claim u win ,once u send your deposits u cant get ahold of anyone, so your certificate says if u cant contact by phone click on www.gocrv.com n ask for your refund back. wellllll u cant do that either. want let u click on anything, i am so mad at myself for falling for this. just remember nothing in life is free, n these people need to be shut down. if u go to better business reports they have 268 bad reviews on this one resort, not counting this scam site,just wish i would have cked this out before sending money, promise it want happen again i have learned my lesson

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  • Jan 29, 2015


I had the same experience as the gentleman above. There are no free lunches (or trips) and CRV is a really loathsome group of people. Don't get involved with them.

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  • Feb 7, 2015

Dumb Okie

I did the same thing in Branson, Mo My wife and I bought a package with Branson Hotline that was for then farmed or sold or just given to Savers Expresslan the offer a plan for $2700. I have searched the web page in an effort to attempt to save some money on up coming travels. At one point I called a motel and got a better rate then they offered. NOW for the second night stay for free I was put in contact with Gocrv. They required a $50.00 deposit, got my confirmation #. I secured a couple days off work for my wife and I. Just went to Gocrv and selected the destination, Branson. I had to put in three dates the fist date in the only one I wanted, but could not do anything until I put in two more date sixty day away from my first date. Don't have a clue if I will be able to get off in June or July. Long story short. I feel sick for being so Dumb. Everything you do or attempt to do, is all them and nothing for you. If you are planning a trip to Branson, booked by the Branson Hotline, and stay at the Roark Resort, and get the pitch about Roark Vacation Travel Club. DON'T DO IT.

I intend to contact the Missouri Attorney Generals office, Branson City Attorney, Branson Chamber of Commerce and would be open to a class action law suite

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  • Oct 24, 2014

Would I do it again? HELL NO!!!!!

I too went on this "FREE TRIP" and we just got back. Won it at Six Flags. Cost me around $700.00 before it was all over.

Our 90 min time share presentation was a 4 hour hell. When they found out I owned a business that was it

Deposit here, fee for this and for that. Hurry up and wait for someone to contact you in the next three months. AHHH!!!

This 3 day 2 night trip was actually a 1 day 2 night trip. The first day was arriving at the airport at 3 pm. Flying from 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm arriving in Orlando and not getting to the hotel until midnight. That was the first day. The next day was spent traveling to Cocoa Beach on the congested city streets (with traffic lights every 100 yards that were not synchronized) because every highway was a toll road and to my understanding you must buy a toll tag because they do not accept cash. The third day we were up at the crack of dawn (literally) to catch the flight back not arriving until 4 pm.

Oh, and if you rent a car, make sure you fill the rental car up with gas yourself. This has to be done within 10 miles of the airport (receipt required) because all gas stations within that distance are charging $4.99 a gallon for regular unleaded. The clerk at the station told me they have a deal with the rental companies. The rental co. charges $9 and something a gallon. Seems illegal to me.

Also, we didn't stay at the hotel that was provided because the reviews said that it was infested with bed bugs and roaches not to mention other things that I would not subject my child to. (Se villa Inn)

In all, I feel ripped off. 13 hours of airport and flight time and I was promised a 3 day 2 night hotel stay. We got a 1 day stay.

DO NOT fall for this! It is a scam!!!!!

At least the flight was great! United and American both did an outstanding job and I will continue to fly with them.

Next time your at Six Flags and you walk by that booth that says spin the wheel, ignore them and keep walking.

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  • Oct 6, 2014

Nothing but hassle

We attended a high pressure sales presentation at Direct Buy 10 months ago. They "gave away" free trips to Great Wolf Lodge. We started running the gauntlet of hoops and hurdles to claim our "free" prize. Most communication is handled via email through random email addresses asking you to log onto a generic website where you enter information and then receive another email stating that someone will contact you again at an undetermined future date. If it's not a scam, it sure feels like one. After not hearing anything for several months, I logged back into the website and they said on my account page that they had communicated with me 2 months ago. I never received any communication from them 2 months ago. I called and finally got a hold of a real human and they told me I still needed to call another number for their reservations department to schedule my trip. This racquet has been in business since 1992, successfully screwing people out of deposit money by running them in circles until they give up. Next time you are lured into some sales presentation with the hopes of getting something free out of it, RUN!!!!!!!

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  • Jun 22, 2015

Great Wolf my grandma

We thought we were getting an awesome deal by paying $139 for two trips. The first to the time share place out in Lee MA, we had to take that first. The second one would be to GREAT WOLF LODGE in Fitchburg. Nah. After the 4 hour pitch for the vacation plan (which on the surface seems legit) we got our complimentary gifts to Great Escapes Water park in NY. ummmm, not what I was told but can I find it in writing? Of course I didn't so oh well. Now I'm pretty hesitant to book either the waterpark or the additional 3 days 2 nights somewhere due to the small print on the back of these getaways. I guess I should just suck up the $139 and find my own deals direct.

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  • Aug 11, 2014


They put on the front of certificate "This Offer Expires 1 YEAR From ISSUE DATE in Bold letters....then on the BACK in TINY PRINT it says must be registered in 60 days, you sit thru 2 hours of listening to some guy talk about time shares, I went for the RV package they were offering and the Hotels for travel that we do every now and then, but they could not get us approved for a package without BIG money from the start. Did not want to put a bunch of money in from the start and not be happy with what they offered, Now I'm so glad I didn't, still out 20 dollars to go listen to this guy pump up this "Timeshare Group" that seems to be a money pit for the holder.

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  • Aug 1, 2015

SilverLeaf & Gocrv.com

We were stopped in six flags over Texas regarding this time share which sounded really great. However, my husband was not going for it. He did not wan to put up a significant amount of money for vacation plans to resorts that could last throughout our life and be passed down to our children it didn't sound right to him. they gave us a certificate for the original $40.00 spent to get us to the time share and also offered these wonderful vacations through gocrv.com. I tried to register online but the web page went to nothing. It all didn't sound right to me and I am so glad I waited to register, thank you to all who have posted your experiences with this company it is very helpful to people like me who would have made a terrible mistake.

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  • Mar 10, 2016

You just saved me $50.

I was already to register my certificate and had looked at their website earlier. I attended a Senior Expo in Ft. Myers, Florida. They called me to congratulate me that I had won this trip. My "free" trip wasn't free. I listened to 90 minutes of a presentation from Save on Resorts.com I was high pressured to $10,000 to $5,000 for a vacation plan. I kept on saying I was not interested. They kept on talking. Till they got to $1,000. I thought about it seriously but thought I don't want to spend $1,000 today. They gave me this "free" vacation for listening to their presentation from gocrv. I did read all of the very small fine print on the back. I decided to go with the 3 day 2 night stay and got on the computer to "book" my vacation. So glad I read all of these reviews. I've decided not to book with them. Thanks, I think I'll go shopping for a dress today. I just saved $50.00 Thank you.

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  • Oct 22, 2015

Wish I had read reviews first

I spent more than 1hr. listening to the sales pitch from Sundance Vacations. Then another gentlemen took 30 minutes of my time then I was given the info to contact to contact gocrv. To make along story short, I have sent in my 100.00 selected travel dates and have not heard from anyone. I think I have been doomed also. Stupid doesn't describe how I am feeling.

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  • Nov 23, 2014

skeptical customer

I went to the mall and registered to win a prize then I received a letter in the mail CONGRATULATIONS!!! PFFF I went to claim my prize but surprisingly I had to go through a 3 hrs presentation about all their business offers. I won 2 certificates and i received a call to remind me about the $50 deposit. I decided to look for reviews and after reading all of the above, i wont go through the rest of the process because it sounds like an unnecessary hassle. so, big Thanks to everybody for sharing their experience.

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  • Apr 12, 2016


Been on these multiple times and each one a different company, but the same trick. I always google reviews now because everybody has a hustle. When I found out that the hotel and flights are ones they pick, red flags went up everywhere. I too went to Sundance Vacations and when I called to inquire about adding my kids and the cost, I can't explain how rude the customer service lady was. It's a NO for me! Saved me a $198 deposit.

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  • Feb 9, 2015

An Actual Good Experience

I see a lot of negative reviews on here and I think that has more to do with false expectations. People get a phonecall and think they've won a free trip. Why would anyone give a way hundreds of free, expensive trips? I followed through with this thing and here's what I can tell you: if you're willing to pay a little bit of money (in order to upgrade a little and make it worth while), you'll have a great time and be able to travel somewhere for way less than it would cost you to do it on your own. I went to this time share (was there for almost 2.5 hours admittedly) but I got my certificate and went ahead with everything. It did take a few phone calls with a lot of waiting but at the end of the day my buddy and myself went to Las Vegas for a weekend, left early Friday morning and came back late Sunday night. Got to stay at an awesome hotel on the strip with airfare and did it all for $300 per person. Of course it wasn't free, you're an idiot if you think it would be. But it's WAY cheaper than any other way to vegas. I'm happy with it.

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  • Feb 11, 2015

Agreed...play the game right and it is worth it

I agree. I went to the TS presentation knowing it was a simple game: Listen to the speech, turn them down over and over, get the certifcate, read the fine print, follow the instructions, and realize that there is no such thing a free golden goose.

1. We listened to the 90 min speech, and we spent another 45 min turning them down. We received the certificate.

2. We read the certificate, and follwed the instructions by calling them within 60 days to block 3 windows of time for a 3 night cruise. We reserved the Royal Caribbbean Crusie with the $198 deposit.

3. We called within 60 days of our first window to reserve the cruise. (We acutally choose a later date than we orginally reserved for no charge.) We upgraded the cruise to 4 nights & an outside stateroom for additional cost. We reserved our free flight (on Spirit Airline).

4. We printed our boarding passes for the flight and cruise and had a good time.

Original cost for cruise was $2300; we paid $198 (required) + ~$900 (in voluntary upgrades) = ~$1100. This was a $1200 saving on the curise, and the flight (~$600) was included.

The TS presentation was bad, and I would not recommend their product.

The Cruise was not 100% free, but it was offered at a huge savings, I would recommend this if you are able to read and follow the instructions.

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  • Feb 6, 2015

Not free, but still worth the effort

Last summer, we went to a Kane County Cougars Game and filled out a Sweepstakes post card at the gate. A few weeks later, we received a call saying we were selected to listen to a vacation package and pick up our prize. We went to the 90 min time share presentation. After the 90 min presentation, we spent another 30 min or so with the hard sales reps. When they finally gave up, they gave us the certificate to call gocrv and book our trip. The time share was not part of gocrv, so this reveiw actually starts now. During the presentation and sales pitch we were told that the trip is not a prize. We did not win it, rather they are giving it to us as a "thank you." I am not sure if that was a legal disclaimer, but it was funny at the time because we thought it was irrelevant.

The certificate and the TS sales rep clearly stated that we had to call within 60 days to validate the certificate.

We called and had to choose which vactaion we wanted (3 night cruise on Royal Caribbean) and provide 3 windows we would like to take the cruise. We had to reserve this with a $198 deposit for dock fees. (We selected late Oct, early Dec, and mid January days.)

Since I am a US Veteran, they also offered us a free flight on Spirit Airlines.

In early Oct, they called to confirm the dates and upgrades for the trip. At this time we upgraded to a 4 night cruise, outside stateroom. (About $700 voluntary).

Although the cert said we could only take the window they offered, the agent we had booked the cruise like any other travel agent. We ended up taking the last week in January (Monday thru Friday at no extra charge for selecting outside our window).

The flight was through Spirit. We had to fly out a day early, so we had to get a hotel room ($120), and we had to secure transportation from Orlando to Port Canaveral ($100). Also, we had to pay for our luggage ($70). We could have changed the flight times so the hotel was voluntary, as was our choice to upgrade seats on the horrible Spirit Airlines Flights. (This airline sucks.)

At the bare minimum, we would have had to pay under $500 for the trip. The cruise was offered on RC at $2300. With the upgrades we spent less than $1200 on the cruise and we spent a night in Walt Disney World, and a day at the Kenedy Space Center. Oh, and the (horrible Spirit Airlines) flight was included.

Gocrv did nothing that made us upset, and they were quite helpful in planning the trip. They did not do much as far as excursions or beverage packages, or Disney or the KSC, but they were fine for $1200.00

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  • Jan 25, 2015

I'm Scared!

I've just found these reviews. We are scheduled for a trip to the Bahamas in w weeks. Wow! Wish that we'd found this site sooner..

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  • Feb 6, 2015

Just saw this

I am in the same situation! I just booked the trip to Bahamas! I hope everything will be fine!

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  • Sep 28, 2015

Me too!

Already out the 100 now they say they want 199. It says taxes fees what ever. Never paid 199 for that. More like 100 maybe. Didn't know we have to give them several dates and they choose and let you know 45 days before travel. Will end up paying more for the flights that close to the date. Should have not done it! Will probably end up being the same but with out the control of where and when you stay!

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  • May 18, 2016

Almost paid my deposit

I truly thank God,for leading me to click onto these reviews first. I was all set to make my deposit too.As the saying goes warning comes before destruction! They, don't have to worry about hearing from me no more. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.

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  • Feb 13, 2015

you booked it through CRV

Did you book the trip to the bahamas through gocrv.com?

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  • Jan 28, 2015

I'm Scared!

I am getting ready to confirm my trip through the reservation number they gave me. Did you receive your confirmation email & tickets?

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  • Feb 11, 2015

We just got back form nassau.

If you are going on RC, I recommend skipping the Premium Beverage drink package. Also, it is hard to find seating in the windjammer. Go to the comedy shows, and have a good time. Check your bags before you get on the boat: you dont want to carry luggage while you wait for your stateroom.

IMPORTANT: Spirit Airlines sucks. go to the website and read all the fine print, you will have to pay extra for baggae and carry-ons. Bring our own soda/water/alcohol cause they charge for it.

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  • Jan 18, 2016

Going on cruise

I am about to book my cruise thru the sales people on wed. I am horrified now because of the negative reviews. I have only read one good review.

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  • Feb 18, 2015

F*ck No.

We went to the presentation with Silverleaf at 10:15 AM thinking we were gonna be leaving at 11:45... the whole time the guy had my husband feeling like a cheapskate, forcing us to buy the timeshare. After hours of saying 'no' we finally got out of there at 2:30 PM.. our whole morning & half the day was wasted. Then we had to drive back another 5 hours. Oh and it was valentines day.

From all these reviews.. only one said they didn't get ripped off. That person's probably working for gocrv. I am scared to send in my hard earned $100 to get ripped off later... After reading all these bad reviews I don't think I trust this crappy company.... Will probably use Groupon and pay the extra $$$ to go when we want!

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  • Mar 20, 2015


Go on the 90 min session and when done say NO! NO! NO! Then get your certificate READ THE FINE PRINT! AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH THE RULES. If agree registar your certificate ASAP and send in your deposit. The deposit take 3-4 weeks to process people. The sooner you send in the deposit the better your dates. I picked the cruise for two because all you have to pay is 100.00 deposit and 179.00 per person.

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  • Jul 29, 2015


The deposit (July 2015) 150.00, according to what the fine print says, will be applied travel fees and taxes, but it is not clear what the travel fees are. Do they include Port Fees? The 179.00 -289.00 per person, depending on the days you choose to travel on the cruise, is that the travel fees and taxes in full according to your choice of days, and will your deposit be applied to the cost in full? Having dealt with other divisions of this company, I am afraid you are in for a rude awakening.

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  • Feb 16, 2015

Is is really a scam?

We went to a 90 minute sales presentation for Family Connections a/k/a/ Global Discovery Vacations. They presented to us that they were NOT a "Timeshare". They use a "star" system to earn weeks. Anyway, we decided not to go ahead and purchase this expensive vacation package.

They offered us a 4,5,6, or 7 night cruise with airfare on Royal Carribean or Norwegian cruise line. I followed the directions of the certificate they gave us and I do understand that you have to pay $198 within a certain amount of time. Then its all a waiting game. I haven't yet sent in my depost....especially after seeing some reviews.

Did anyone purchase this vacation package? How did it go? Since it includes 2 adults and inside room only, I know I need to upgrade to a better room and pay for my children. So, I do understand that's extra along with taxes and port fees. If you really read the fine print then there should be no hidden surprises.

Need advice.....

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  • Mar 25, 2015


We are in the same "boat". We paid the $198 but wanted the cruise first. So we had to pay $50 for a waiver. It took forever to get anything from them by email. Several phone calls later they sent an email for the waiver. I watched my email faithfully and still it did not come. We called again. The email comes from Customer Service and goes straight to junk mail. Then it gets deleted. You would think they know this! We had to call twice to get them to resend something because my junk mail gets deleted everyday. Now they want us to sign a Registration Coupon for the cruise. Then we will get an invoice for a Reservation Deposit for $150. Supposedly that goes toward the $239 per person for taxes, fees, etc. but it does not say that specifically anywhere on the fine print.

We have decided not to waste any more time or money with this...we've been trying to deal with it since November!

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  • Dec 5, 2014

biggest mistake

Im so glad I went on here before I payed my hard earned money , I dont appreciate selling narcotics illegally so I can be ripped off legally this is the biggest scam ever starting from the 6 hour presentation and stupid sales pitch on paying 20 grand for a week in there stupid resort and not only that trading your supposedly free week for only 270$ in any other resort in the country and you get this bullshit deed that you own that whole week and pay about 800$ extra on tax every year for the rest of your life if you fall for there sales pitch its the dumbest but most elaborate money laundry operation I have ever seen all they do is cycle money around from thousands of poor souls with a promise of a fantastic week at there resort and you have to check in after 3 pm no fri sat or sun isn't that a kicker ... horrible choice don't be another victim

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  • Feb 18, 2015

Oh no!

I am reading the instructions for the cruise to see how to send the $100. deposit. First, I must register, wait for e-mail, then send my $100. to god knows where, because it is not clear on the written instructions. Also, if I mess ANYTHING up, they keep my $100. REALLY?

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  • Jan 30, 2015

I want that 3 1/2 hours of my life back,...PLUS 4 hours driving each way!

90 minutes turned to 3 1/2 hours. Even telling them I'm a turnip and there's no milk. Wait, wait, wait,...let me get our corporate manger, yada yada,.....well that initial $498/month "DEAL" they could work me got worked AAAAALLLLLL the way down to $79/month,.....and they were MAD as hornets when they still didn't milk me.

AWFUL day. After these reviews, now I have to tell my 14 year old we're not going on EITHER CRUISE we won. Thanks, All.

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  • Feb 9, 2015

An Actual Good Experience

I see a lot of negative reviews on here and I think that has more to do with false expectations. People get a phonecall and think they've won a free trip. Why would anyone give a way hundreds of free, expensive trips? I followed through with this thing and here's what I can tell you: if you're willing to pay a little bit of money (in order to upgrade a little and make it worth while), you'll have a great time and be able to travel somewhere for way less than it would cost you to do it on your own. I went to this time share (was there for almost 2.5 hours admittedly) but I got my certificate and went ahead with everything. It did take a few phone calls with a lot of waiting but at the end of the day my buddy and myself went to Las Vegas for a weekend, left early Friday morning and came back late Sunday night. Got to stay at an awesome hotel on the strip with airfare and did it all for $300 per person. Of course it wasn't free, you're an idiot if you think it would be. But it's WAY cheaper than any other way to vegas. I'm happy with it.

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  • Feb 17, 2015

Time Share???

I received this certificate registration coupon in the mail and all it says is I have to fill it out and deposit $100 and that's it. Why did you have to attend a time share presentation? Is that something they will tell me I must attend after I put the deposit down?

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  • Jan 31, 2015

My husband and I attended for the first time ever this 90 minute crap! Bonnie was our salesperson. This little lady was late by 15 minutes to begin with. While we waited the staff offered a restaurant card for the inconvenience. When Bonnie showed up she jumped into the presentation. After asking us all kinds personal questions she was trying figure out a way to our "heart" with sales. The time share was for Avon, CO, but she spent over an hour talking about Europe trips and kept asking us how much we would pay for tickets, hotel, tours etc... Then she drew numbers left and right mentioning that we just need to put a $1500 deposit to lock the "special" rate and that it was "today only!" Every time we asked how much those points were worth in dollars she kept switching subjects and we never got an answer. Her best answer was "it varies". When she took us to show videos from Spain hotels, my husband asked how old those videos were from the resort, Bonnie replied “All of our technology is up to date.” Towards the end we kept saying that we need to go home and put in these numbers in our budget and determine what it would cost us, but she kept saying that if we return tomorrow this deal will not available. Prior to coming to this elaborate presentation (keep in mind that we contacted her first) she promised that we would get a 3d2n certificate and a restaurant card, but all of the sudden Bonnie got mad and said that we would only get 1 restaurant card. I pulled my email to show but Bonnie, who is a habitual liar and can’t remember who and what she talks/promises to started rambling random nonsense. I got irritated and we proceeded to the check out counter to get our cards. Good thing we have not mailed our $198 deposit and after reading these comments we wont….

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  • Jan 27, 2015

Holy Smokes... so glad i read this page

We were offered free cruise thru Blue Green.. and i just registered my certificate. next was paying the deposit. Yea i think not after all I've read. this is crazy. how are companies allowed to do this.

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  • Jan 20, 2016

I'm with you

I decided to read the reviews before sending in a deposit of $198...I think I will keep my money. "Free" is not really free and I want my own flexibility on dates. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write!

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  • Aug 17, 2015

ill take your certificate #

ill take your certificate #

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  • Aug 19, 2015

Please Read!

i received a three day 2 night vacation to vegas with air fare included for two adults. To make a long story short, I paid my $100 deposit. They gave me notification 45 days before i pick my first date. I went on the gocrv website and called and the reservation number listed. After waiting for about 25 minutes, i was finally connected to a rep. Basically, they provided me with a date to take my vacation. which was 09/25/15 I told them that this date might not work for me, and i want to see if the other two dates that i selected were available, The rep said that the two other dates i selected were not available and i had to either accept the 09/23/15 trip ot i would miss out on the trip and would have to start the process all over again with a fee.. sounded very fishy too me but i decided to continue anyway because i really want to see if was a scam. They mention that the goverment fess would be $279 for two adults and the $100 deposit would be applied to it. so it would come out to $179. i knew it wasnt going to be a free trip so i figured its still would be a discount for two with airline tickets included. anyway, i proceeded. I made my payment and the rep provided me a confirmation # He said they will be sending me two links to my email. one for the hotel confirmation and one for the airline confirmation. a couple of hours later, i went to gocrv,com website to check my stgatus. now keep in mind, i have never had a problem logging into the website until TODAY AFTER i paid my money. I have put my certifcate # as well as my email adress in and nothing happens. i received a email link tonight with a link to confirm. when i click on the link it brings me to an error message. right now, it is after 5 and their office is closed. I will be calling back on tomorrow and i prepared to wait to speak to someone to see what the hell is going on. im not pissed because my gut feeling was this was a scam but am the type to confirm that it is and since i have the money, i really doesnt bother me. I just want to be able to share my story with others so they know not to fall for it. right now, i am going to keep a postitive mindset and give them a call tomorrow. maybe its a technical issue idk but i will let yall know what happens.

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  • May 13, 2016

Please Read

how did your trip go?

  • Apr 14, 2015

Received certificate, paid a deposit, reserved dates, ... Then the phone # was disconnected and there was no response.

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  • Mar 6, 2015

Check your airline reservations EVERY DAY

Yesterday about 6 weeks before our trip we called to confirm everything. They confirmed that our flights were the same. Then we got a confirmation email, that showed the flights we thought we had, but also another flight earlier in the day. So we called back about 15 minutes after the last call. They were like oh I was going to tell you but I didn't get around to it. So we went on the frontier airlines website and found it had changed again. This is about 15 minutes later from the second call. This time the flights don't even leave until after the cruise ship has already left the port and get us there 5 hours too late. So we called back again. Asking them to check. They are getting a little annoyed with us. Tell us, "No, no, the information in the email is correct." They check with Frontier. Funny thing is this morning the flights are still for the wrong day. I will update you guys as to how this all shakes out!

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  • Jan 7, 2015


Thank you all. I was just about to register when this website popped up right under gocrv. I was already skeptical. Glad to know my gut feeling was right. Me and my husband went to the presentation in Myrtle beach for bluegreen. They said it would be an hr long presentation and we were there for over 3 hrs. 2 vacation certificates that say you have to send in $100 deposit for each of them. And then we were promised a $50 visa gift card. So we did get $50 out of the deal but i definitely will not register for those trips. Thanks again.

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  • Dec 15, 2014

Gocrv.com is a SCAM

Shame on you if you spent 1 cent of your hard earned money without checking into this company! Simply Googling this company will let you know it is not a legitimate offer.

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  • Sep 28, 2015

It was bluegreen!

I did google but it was bluegreen not this other company!

  • Nov 13, 2014

BlueGreen gave us two of these crap certificates

After reading these reviews, I looked at the fine print on the back and sure enough, you have to send them $100 to use these. I will not bother with it.

We went to a BlueGreen timeshare presentation in Savannah after being offered a $100 gift card and two of these certificates After listening to the drivel and finally getting the numbers, we laughed out loud when they showed us the memberships which started out at $32,000 (which you can finance at a ridiculous interest rate with their offer to "check" your credit) and got progressively lower, all the way down to $800 for some sort of a "trial" membership. The saleswoman kept telling us the young man who signed us up was high and asked us if we like to party. A bunch of salesman sat around creepily observing as we were presented with the contract, and after I loudly exclaimed "Hell no" a shifty-eyed bigwig came over and yammered about how their nonsense works. Then the guy who did the presentation came over, and his smile got smaller as we continued to decline.

The upshot is you pay for vacations ahead of time and have to keep track of convoluted blue or white points and go through a lot of hassle. It was absolutely not worth $100 to listen to a couple hours of this claptrap. Live and learn - at least it gave us a good laugh.

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  • Dec 21, 2014

Avoid Bluegreen Vacations

I also attended a presentation after being convinced these gifts were worth something. NOT. The whole timeshare scheme has taken an even more desperate turn as they try to convince you of prepaying vacations and saving money. NOT. The number they used are inflated and the Blue Green are out to scalp you. Simple.

Oh and those gifts? They are not free and virtually useless. When did you have to pay $150 as a deposit for a gift?

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  • Sep 28, 2015

Lied to!

We were told we would get our 199 back! Guess not! Totally lied to us!

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  • Feb 8, 2015

It's all in the fine print

I am not even giving this organization ONE star. As mentioned by others, the deal sounds good on the surface. After the time spent with the timeshare reps, at least you feel good walking out with something. Then once you start reading into the ridiculous process involved in claiming your trip, the reality sinks in. It IS too good to be true. Our deal involved sending in a $200 deposit, then later charging up to $90 per person in mysterious "fees", and this is all before you even talk to a representative regarding the travel details. The timeshare company and the travel company bank on this hassle caused for the consumer. The resort company is out nothing if the trip isn't claimed, yet they fulfilled their end of the bargain by producing the travel certificate. The travel company counts on people backing out halfway through due to loss of interest or travel date conflicts. They get to keep your deposit though. The entire scheme is engineered so that regardless of what travel/timeshare company is involved, they lose NOTHING. Your only way to get even: sign up for another presentation, act interested, waste 3-4 hours of their time, drink their free water and soda and then change your mind and walk out.

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  • Feb 5, 2015

Won trip through Silver Leaf. Paperwork came through gocrv.com. Sent in $100 deposit, choose three trip options. They were to contact us to confirm trip but they never called or email us. We called, and called, and called, and they never pick up. After 40 minutes each time, the call gets dropped.

Currently working with Silver Leaf to get $100 back.

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  • May 13, 2016

all in fine print

how did it work out

  • Jul 29, 2015

Working with Silver Leaf

Good luck! It would benefit many others if you would post again with your end results in getting a refund.

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  • Feb 24, 2015

Have anybody actually took a trip with them

Im about to send the deposit money I don't care about the fees I just want to know if they really will give u the trip. Plese let me know. Thanks im suppose to go to Jamaica in August with them.

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  • Nov 21, 2015

Waiting for travel dates to Jamaica!

Wow good for you! This is what I am hoping for! I am just wondering when they notified you about the upgrades and things were they giving you your first choice as far as the dates go?

  • Mar 19, 2015

worth trying

We have an option to choose Jamaica or Puerto Rico and Mexico. I am about to sign up and pay the deposit as well. Let me know how your process goes. Am planning on selecting August, September and November dates. I don't mind the fees and upgrading as well. There is never anything for free. I think as long as you have that mindset then you're bound to have a great trip.

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  • Jan 10, 2016


We are wanting to know if you took this trip and if so what did you think? I want to know before I sent in a deposit?

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  • Feb 2, 2015

We won a free cruise after listening to a 90 min presentation.. we tried to ask some questions before sending in our $198 deposit but after many calls and hours waiting on hold, no one picked up. This is not how a legitimate company should operate.

I'm not sending in my payment and after reading other reviews I'm going to run!

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  • Jan 26, 2015


If there were negative Star rating they would definitely win! I have been calling for weeks to get my $100 deposit back and the hold time has been so long their own system disconnects the calls. Called back, and all you get is never-ending pleasant hold music. We were going to Las Vegas, and could not work out the dates. So, we will have to go on our own dime on the dates we want. Too bad companies like this even exist. They are worthless scumbags!

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  • May 4, 2017

Patience... and flexability

Sat through the Sundance Vacations spiel and got our voucher. All I can say is FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS provided with the certificate!!! Register the cert within 60 days of receiving it. We chose the 3 night cruise to the Bahamas, I registered the very next day after getting the cert and paid my $198 deposit online, simple!!! Keep all your paperwork. I never received an email from them to call and make my reservations within the 30-45 days. My first pick date was June 15 so I knew I should receive something by May 1st, I checked gocrv.com since Monday and today (4th) there was a green tab to travel options (again, never received an email, no big deal). I called the phone number provided to call for reservations, I sat waiting for a representative for 30 minutes with the option to leave a call back # and someone would get back to me before end of the day, I waited (again, no big deal). Finally someone helped me, verified my information then went on with upgrade options. You start out with an interior room with bunks basically, I opted for the balcony room which will cost $69 per person, per night (total $414, not bad), plus they off an additional night for $150 per person (I declined), they offered to fly us in a few days earlier (I declined), we have to fly in the day before the cruise and they even will book you a room for the night near the airport starting at $125 a night (I took that). I did not get the days I picked (June, Sept and Nov) we are booked for end of October on Carnival Liberty for a total of $976, that's minus my deposit. I don't think this is a bad deal, all our meals are included. I know we'll pay a few dollars extra for transportation to and from the airport, hotel and the cruise port. I learned a long time ago nothing is free, the person I spoke to was very nice and answered all my questions. I've read so many horrible reviews on here after I put my deposit in and was worried about this phone call today. Overall I was on the phone for an hour and a half, no arguing, I spent most of the time on hold, maybe talked to the agent a total of 15-20 minutes. If you don't have time for that, then opt out and not go through with it. My experience was actually pleasant, but then again I was patient, allow these people to do their job, you're not the only person that is calling to make their arrangements. I should be receiving my boarding passes and flight details in the next 24-48 hours. I will update when my info is available and after my trip.

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  • Oct 10, 2017


My cruise is in 2 weeks but for some unseen issues (on my end), we can't go. Since I upgraded my interior room to a balcony when I originally booked, we got travel assist which allows us to move our cruise date. I called the # provided in my paperwork and waited for a representative to help me. She was very nice and had no issues rescheduling my cruise. After about a 20 minute wait she got back to me with several options and dates. We rescheduled for February and I removed my hotel reservation (I can use membership points at a Choice hotel in Port Canaveral) in which the rep was more than happy to refund me for (and she agreed that it's better to use my points). So now my stateroom is on a higher deck (which I picked and we are not above the casino as originally booked), our flights leaving there are a little later (which is great, otherwise I'd have to get up at 3am to catch original flight) and our return flight is earlier allowing us to get home a little sooner. Again, I don't understand all the bad reviews, the people I have spoken to have been nothing but nice and accommodating. I will update again once I get to and back from my trip!

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  • Feb 13, 2016

New Orleans Trip

I had a positive experience with gocrv.com. I toured a Fox Valley, IL resort on June 16, 2015 and received options for three tours. I chose two - the first was two days/two nights free airfare/hotel vacation stay in city of choice. I chose New Orleans as I'd been there before and wanted to go again. Gocrv was helpful through each process. After I paid the required deposit, I was told when to expect the email advising when I could book the trip. I booked the trip but when I called the hotel to confirm the reservation, they hadn't received it. I called gocrv back and they contacted the third-party vendor who took care of it. The gocrv rep kept me on hold so I'd know this was taken care of. When I called the hotel again, they'd received the booking. The flight was booked ok, so I was able to continue my trip plans. My daughter and I had a wonderful time in New Orleans during our stay from Feb 10-12, 2016, the hotel accommodations and staff were great, the flight to and from was uneventful except for delay in return, but that was the airlines. I have nothing negative to report about gocrv's service and I anticipate the same during my second planned trip to Aruba in a few months.

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  • Jan 29, 2015


Well, I wish we, too, had checked this site out beforehand. We did the same thing. Went to listen to this 4-hour spiel (on a gorgeous day, I might add), to end up getting screwed in the end. We sent in our $100 deposit, and finally received an e-mail saying to call the reservation line to set our waterpark 3-days, 2-nights gift that was the whole reason we went to hear the spiel for in the first place. After waiting 48 minutes on the phone (thank goodness for the speaker key), a lady came on. She never identified herself, just said hold one more brief minute while I check the dates. From there, I waited another 15 minutes and then she hung up on me. I could not believe it. My husband then tried it himself and the very exact thing happened to him; he waited 45 minutes, then was hung up on. That got my husband curious and that's when he found this site.

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  • Apr 18, 2022

I wish i had the reviews before i sent the money. Since i have sent the money, i have been unable to reach them. Is wyndham resorts responsible for this?

  • Feb 25, 2022


I'm in the process of trying to book a "free" week as a result of attending a timeshare meeting at Wyndham Bonnet Creek at WDW in January of this year. The problem is in trying to talk with a representative at GoCRV, one of the fulfillment centers that Wyndham contracts with. The reservation agents at gocrv are virtually impossible to talk with. The hold times are interminable. Yesterday, for example, I was on hold, in the queue for 4 1/2 hours!!! I NEVER did get through. Truly, I'm not exaggerating. Most of the time, when calling their various phone numbers, I receive the message that they're extremely busy and to call back later. The times that I have gotten onto their hold pattern, there's an option to have a representative call you back when they're able. Don't choose it; I've tried, and they don't call you back. This morning I called Club Wyndham, even though I'm not an owner. I explained my entire experience, kindly, and in the end, their representative would not / could not help me. However, she did offer to dial their phone number and then transfer me. HA! I told her I'm fully capable of dialing a phone. All in all, what a joke.

  • Feb 25, 2022


I'm in the process of trying to book a "free" week as a result of attending a timeshare meeting at Wyndham Bonnet Creek at WDW in January of this year. The problem is in trying to talk with a representative at GoCRV, one of the fulfillment centers that Wyndham contracts with. The reservation agents at gocrv are virtually impossible to talk with. The hold times are interminable. Yesterday, for example, I was on hold, in the queue for 4 1/2 hours!!! I NEVER did get through. Truly, I'm not exaggerating. Most of the time, when calling their various phone numbers, I receive the message that they're extremely busy and to call back later. The times that I have gotten onto their hold pattern, there's an option to have a representative call you back when they're able. Don't choose it; I've tried, and they don't call you back. This morning I called Club Wyndham, even though I'm not an owner. I explained my entire experience, kindly, and in the end, their representative would not / could not help me. However, she did offer to dial their phone number and then transfer me. HA! I told her I'm fully capable of dialing a phone. All in all, what a joke.

  • Feb 22, 2022

Received a certificate for "free" tickets through gocrv from our timeshare. After jumping through numerous hoops and paying over $200, i booked our flight months ago. Our trip is in two weeks now, so i used the confirmation # That worked previously) to look at our tickets again for united airlines. The airline could not find the confirmation # this time so i spoke with customer service that said gocrv canceled the flight and i would need to talk to them. I had not received any communication from gocrv and immediately called them. There was no hold, no vm, no rep, just a message saying they are experiencing high volume, and then the line hangs up. I found another phone # for gocrv, same results. I got an email for them and messaged them. This was the automatic reply, "this mailbox is not monitored and your email will not be read. Should you need assistance, please contact our customer service department at 954.525.1777 or visit www.Gocrv.com." i finally gave up and called my bank and disputed the charge.

  • Jan 8, 2019

Filled out the gocrv form and notice the site was not secure.

Returned to site the next day it displayed “welcome back” neither name nor address was mine.

If i do not received a refund the loss of $150 plus $1950.00 will be reported as a loss on my tax forms.

The cruise was used as a selling point for the time share.

  • Jun 18, 2018


The whole time share process is a scam, I paid Bulegreen vacation the amount of $398 for a time share stay for 3 days and I was given this crappy certificate for cruise and another 2 days stay but after so many research, I figure out it's all scam, and Gocrv.com is also asking for $150 deposit to book an unfortunate lower deck cruise excluding gratuity and all dates are mostly blackout....

  • Dec 18, 2017

Take A Break Vacations - Very disappointing experience!!!

Take A Break Vacations called me to invite my husband and I to listen to a time share presentation by Wyndham in Orlando. In return for doing so we would be put up in a resort for 3 nights, given two tickets to see Cirque de Sela as well as a free cruise. Knowing we would be near Orlando anyway we agreed to the idea. We drove 90 minutes each way and were put up in the Avanti Resort as promised but did have to pay the resort fee plus tax for each night. Upon arrival we were informed the show promised was sold out so they offered tickets to see Blue Man Group or a dinner show of some sort. Neither of these choices interested us so the visitor center gave us $50.00 instead. The time share presentation with Wyndham was not bad and we did not feel pressured to buy anything. After the presentation we were given a map to return to the Orlando Visitor Center with a sticky note attached stating we had completed the presentation. Once at the Orlando Visitor Center we were instructed to call Take A Break Vacation to book our free cruise. I called the number given to me and was told we have to book the cruise over the internet through a company by the name of gocrv.com. Once I got online with gocrv.com I started reading all the negative reviews regarding this company. My husband and I decided to take the advice of many in their reviews and not go on a cruise that they are associated with. This entire ordeal has left a bad taste in our mouths and we will never again attend a time share presentation by any company.

  • Sep 20, 2016

You helped save me!!!

I was going to take my granddaughter on one of their cruises. I went to the hard sell timeshare presentation and got a certificate for a cruise. The dates I wanted were not available but they don't tell you this when you go for the presentation. Any time considered near or at holidays are either blackout dates or and extra $199.00 per person and guess what all of summer was considered a holiday. Plus I was getting scared about the extra fees that they were talking about adding. I read the review were the person paid over $850 and called and cancelled and asked for my $198 deposit back. My first date was 9/11/16 which was the first available for the cruise I picked. I did not even get contacted that the date was not available. nothing just waiting in limbo for the next date in October. Glad I found these comments before then.

  • Aug 3, 2016

Total rip off!!

I wish I had read the fine print. These people are the BEST at scamming everyone they get in the door. I wish there were some type of Class Action Lawsuit for Fraud. I feel like an idiot:(( for falling for this scam.

  • Jul 25, 2016


I took a time share tour and received a 7 day 7 night resort condo and another 3 night getaway. Both had different certificate numbers. I paid the 100.00 deposit on the 7 day certificate and was told I would need to pay an additional $29.00 extension fee because they could not schedule me before the expiration. So I paid the $129.00 deposit /fee. They credited both on the 3 day getaway which I intentional y let expire and when paying the 7 night fee the 7 night certificate number was used. I was told after paying the fee that the 7 night had expired and this was the 3 night. I told the rep that if this was the only answer I was going to report fraud to my credit card company. He then said I could get the 100.00 back but the 29.00 was not non refundable. I said maybe not if you got what you payed for but I got nothing. He placed me on hold an came back a few minutes later and said he had good news. They were going the send me a refund check of $129.00 but would take up to 14 business days. Now Im waiting to see if it happens. STAY AWAY!!

  • Jun 23, 2016

This is a timeshare deal where i "won" a free week. I came into this knowing they would make it difficult which they did but to the point that there was nothing to book. I had to pay $50 deposit fee Refundable but we will see if i actually get it back). I submitted my three dates which they took about 3 months to accept. Then the day i received confirmation that the dates were accepted then i called to try to book. There was nothing available. I told them to pick a date and they informed me while speaking in circles that they could not deviate from my dates. This is a complete scam and the worst experience i have ever had. Thanks silver leaf resorts for giving me this free trip and thank you to gocrv for wasting my time and money

  • Jun 9, 2016


We just attended one of these "sales pitches" last night and received 2 roundtrip airfare tickets... sort of. They are ours after we pay $150.00, get told when we are allowed to use them, whether it fits our schedule or not. If we need to fly on a Friday or Saturday, we also have to pay another $300.00. Further, at the time of making the reservation, you will be charged $75.00 per person. (So our "gift" flights are now $600.00.) We would also have to pay "charges incurred in excess of the offer." Who knows what that amount would be?! I'd rather not find out. So, I just booked two roundtrip flights on American from Dallas to Phoenix for $522.00 TOTAL. Looks like I saved AT LEAST $78.00 by just buying it myself. Needless to say I won't be traveling with Go CRV in the future.

  • Jun 6, 2016

SOOOO Glad I saw these reviews

I am so very glad I saw this before "registering my certificate. Sat through the SilverLeaf resorts TIME SHARE presentation in Conroe, TX. Dang was that painful!!! I really laughed in the guys face when he said "all this for 18.9% interest rate". I about spit out my water that was in my mouth. Long story short, I was just going to register this certificate when I came across these reviews. I an not wasting my time and if I want to take a cruise, I will pay for it!!!

  • May 23, 2016

Goods, Bads and Very Uglies

Goods: We took the 3 night cruise option out of Cape Canaveral through Carnival. We loved the cruise. (3 stars)

Bads: The overall cost by the time things were said and done were approximately $730 and the cost included:

$30 in gas to drive 1.5 hr to airport; $100 over night stay in Orlando because you HAVE to fly in the night before, $100 hotel/port transfer (round trip); $200 per person port fees; $100 upgrade of room. This price DOES NOT include any drinks or spending money on Cruise.

Ugly: The booking processes was nerve racking at best. 60 day deposit period, pick 3 dates 30 days apart, during actual booking time: took 1.5 hrs to complete, changed port location during actual booking, did not receive any of the 3 dates we picked, forced to fly SPIRIT (single worse airlines I have ever flown or dealt with), and pressured into unnecessary upgrades.

Opinion: If you have a job and would like the flexibility of scheduling a vacation, for roughly the same money or less, you can book it yourself rather then use the certificate.

  • Mar 30, 2016


We attended a high pressure sales presentation 9 months ago. They "gave away" free trips any where in the United States. We started running the gauntlet of hoops and hurdles to claim our "free" prize. Most communication is handled via email through random email addresses asking you to log onto a generic website where you enter information and then receive another email stating that someone will contact you again at an undetermined future date. I called and finally got a hold of a real human and they told me needed to be transferred to reservations department to schedule my trip ( more wait time). They asked several questions and then said there would be a long wait time which it was. When they finally responded I would have to travel at my own expense 300 miles to a new departure city, the closest destination was 200 miles from my destination, and travel dates were whenever I did not ask for! Next time you are lured into some sales presentation with the hopes of getting something free out of it, RUN!!!!!!!

  • Mar 18, 2016


I am retiring the end of this year, and thought a cruise would be a good send off. What I am reading is that this will be a bad RIP OFF! From all I have read, I can't say that I have any trust in sending in any money at all. The bad seem to out weigh the good comments. I think I will pass on this offer too. After my 90 minute presentation, I wasn't even shown the resorts at Big Valley in Pa. I learned my lesson the hard way with Time Share ownership. But I got out of it! I will take a rain check on this offer. Thank you for all those comments!

  • Feb 24, 2016

Don't fall for the trap!

If you want to do business with a company that will lie to you, avoid you, keep you on hold for an hour, change their rules, and leave you minus your money and feeling utterly hopeless then by all means send them a check. But don,t say we didn,t warn you! Bad business these people are...bad business!

  • Jan 25, 2016

Me too

I went to a timeshare presentation for Silverleaf resorts too. Won this trip, booked the dates, sent my $75 deposit. was then given a number to call to make the actual reservation from my three dates: the number was bogus and and was for a totally different technology company, and the only general customer service number just rings and rings and no one ever picks up...only then did I start to feel like it was a scam. Found this website, suspicions confirmed. I feel silly, they suckered me out of $75. Wish I could have paid by credit card in order to dispute the charge! but of course that's why they make you pay by check... class action lawsuit, anyone? The only thing I'm happy about is that I didn't actually pay more before finding this out!

  • Nov 12, 2015

Hard sell, no perks .All just a scam

  • Aug 7, 2015

Biggest mistake!

I'm so upset for not looking into this sooner!!! I just confirmed my flight a few hours ago! Has anyone had any luck getting their money back after confirming the flight? Or filing any formal complaints against this scam?

  • Jan 10, 2016


Any update on this?


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